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Molecular Bioinformatics - A Hands-on Course


Molecular Bioinformatics – A Hands-on Course

This course aims at providing theoretical and practical knowledge about the several bioinformatic tools commonly used in biological and health sciences research. The course has a strong "hands on" component and covers essential bioinformatics topics such as sequence databases and data retrieval, sequence alignment, nucleotide and protein sequence analysis to infer biological functions, primer and siRNA design, gene ontology search, and multiple databases query for nucleic acid and protein sequence analysis.

By the end of the course the participants must be able to:

- Master essential knowledge of bioinformatics analysis;
- Autonomously use the bioinformatics tools presented, understand its capabilities and limitations, and interpret the results in a self-confident manner;
- Design a research project applying concepts learned during the course.

Course accredited by the University of Porto. Credits: 2 ECTS.

Target audience: Researchers, technicians, graduation and post-graduation (i.e. MSc and PhD) students in the areas of Biological and Medical Sciences.

Admission criteria:  BSc in Biological and Medical Sciences. Basic computer skills are required.
Number of participants: 12 (max)/2 (min).
Tuition fee: 150¤/100¤ FMUP.  The fee must be paid upon definitive registration.

Coordinator: Filipe Almeida Monteiro, Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto. Faculty:  Filipe Almeida Monteiro, PhD in the area of Biomedicine, University of Porto.




Departamento de Apoio à Investigação e à Pós-Graduação
Educação Contínua (daIPG)
Tel.: 220 426 957

General information

Teacher Responsible: Filipe Monteiro
Acronym: BioInf
Type of course/cycle of study: Continuing Training Unit
Start: 2016/2017
Duration: 54 Hour

Study Plan


  • Molecular Bioinformatics - A Hands-on Course (2 ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

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