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Activity in Dental Clinic

The course has 162 hours of student work, of which: 144 hours of contact (with 
clinical practice sessions) + 18 hours of individual study (dedicated to research
work, establishing diagnoses and treatment plans and other contactless activities)
and knowing that 1 ECTS credit corresponds to the student's total 27 hours of
work, this course should confer 6 ECTS.

With this course students will be able to develop the fundamental and necessary skills to exercise the profession of dentist, namely: 
Clinical oral Diagnosis 
Elaboration of medical  dental treatment plan 
Execution of the treatments usually performed by the general dentist 
Clinical communication 
Consultation time management



This course, due to its specificity, is eminently practical and intends to continue the learning of clinical practice carried out by students of the 4th and 5th years of the Integrated Master in Dental Medicine at the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Porto. Goals:
- Ensure adequate knowledge of the Basic Sciences of Dental Medicine and a well-founded understanding of scientific methods, the evaluation of scientifically established information and the analysis of data on the best diagnostic and therapeutic procedures from an Evidence-Based Medicine perspective.
- To provide an adequate clinical experience and acquired under the supervision, conveniently prepared for the development of competences that allow to carry out accurately techniques for the prevention and treatment of pathologies and anomalies related to the science of Dental Medicine.
- Guarantee skills related to scientific research methodology with data analysis, problem solving and therapeutic planning, as well as communication and presentation of work in multidisciplinary teams.
- Know how to apply knowledge and solve problems in new situations in broad and multidisciplinary contexts.
- Ability to understand the patient as a whole, as well as the absolute and relative indications and contraindications of the various therapeutic procedures.
- Create conditions for lifelong learning in a fundamentally self-oriented or autonomous way.

Fields of Specialization

Endodontics, oral surgery, dentistry and removable prosthesis.

Professional Abilities

Be able to perform anamnesis

Be able to make an oral clinical diagnosis

Be able to develop a medical and dental treatment plan

Be able to perform the treatments usually performed by the general dentist

Be able to make an effective clinical communication

Be able to manage consultation time

Employment Prospects


General information

Teacher Responsible: Marta Resende
Acronym: ACMD
Type of course/cycle of study: Continuing Training Course
Start: 2014/2015
Duration: 144 Hour


  • Activity in Dental Clinic (6 ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

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