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Dental Medicine

General information

Official Code: 5597
Acronym: DMDB


  • Dental Medicine (180 ECTS credits)
  • Dental Sciences (60 ECTS credits)

Courses Units

Scientific Communication and Outreach

First semester curricular unit (3 ECTS), with the following learning objectives:
- Identify the various types of scientific and technical communication and their role in the academic, industrial and general public;
- Develop the ability to critically reflect on the research process;
- Know how to organize and present information in accordance with good rules of oral and written communication in science.

Synthesis Studies - Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis

Systematic reviews are becoming more frequent in the scientific literature, which contributes to an increase in the transparency and quality of literature reviews. The present curricular unit is expected to promote the acquisition of knowledge and the development of competences that are essential for interpretating and performing systematic reviews, namely: identification of potentially eligible studies in different sources and efficient management of the searches; assessment of the quality of the studies; data extraction from the original reports; different strategies for data synthesis, including meta-analysis.
At the end of the course the participants should be able to perform a critical appraisal of systematic reviews, and to conduct research using these methodologies.

Ethics in Health Research

This curricular unit (3 ECTS) aims at the following objectives:
- Knowledge of the fundamental legislation regarding the ethical principles in health research;
- To discuss the fundamental ethical issues in health research;
- To know the operating methodology of an Ethics Committee for Health;
- To develop competences for the submission of protocols to an Ethics Committee for Health;
- To discuss the connection between Ethics and healthcare costs;
- To analyze the fundamental issues in Bio-law;
- To satisfy the legal and ethical requirements to the development of a health science's research project.

Informatics and New Technologies in Dentistry

The main objective of this UC relies on the development of knowledges and technical competences in the field of Bioinformatics, Information Technologies and New Technolgies applied to Dental Medicine, relevant to the approach for clinical and fundamental research. It is intended that the student acquires knowledge and skills that he can apply to the resources available in terms of information technologies, productively throughout his education, research and professional activity.

Research and Statistics

The Research and Statistics curricular unit aims to prepare students to be able to:
- Structuring databases in different formats (xlsx, .sav)
- Know and interpret graphical representations of data using statistical software
- Know and correctly apply statistical inference techniques
- Use statistical applications for planning, control, interpretation and decision support
The expected Learning Outcomes are:
- Summarize data sets using descriptive measures.
- Describe data sets using graphical representations.
- Plan a study.
- Select a representative sample.
- Interpret data of qualitative and quantitative nature.
- Formulate and test hypotheses.

Thesis Project I


This course aims the preparation of the students for the development of an original research project, setting the foundation for their PhD research, within the frame of a specific domain of the Dental Medicine area. It is aimed that students develop competences on the critical exploration of the state-of-the-art, on the development of the work plan and the definition on the methodological approach, aiming for the autonomous development of the thesis project.

Thesis Project II

UC of the 2nd semester (15 ECTS) that allows to consolidate and apply the knowledge acquired in the UCs of the 1st semester. Main objective is the elaboration, presentation and discussion of a thesis project before a panel of professors in the thesis area. In the thesis project, the student must define the research work to be performed and demonstrate to have the necessary academic skills and maturity to successfully complete a doctoral thesis.

Advanced Training Units

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