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[ADIADO] Working CLIL 2020

Novas Datas: 25 e 26 de setembro | 8h00 | Anfiteatro Nobre

COVID-19 | U.Porto: Informamos que o presente evento foi adiada para os dias 25 e 26 de setembro de 2020.

Integration, Innovation and Inclusion in CLIL

The Working CLIL Colloquium is a biennial event which brings together practitioners, researchers and teacher educators to exchange perspectives on core issues in Content and Language Integrated Learning. The first Colloquium, held in 2018, coincided with the launch of the Working CLIL Network developed by the CLIL Research Strand of CETAPS-TEALS which  recognised the need to explore the phenomenon in Portugal as well as support those engaged in CLIL/bilingual education in the country. As an approach which continues to evolve across continents and educational levels, we recognise the importance of sharing ideas and understandings within and beyond this national context which may create new synergies and ways of working here and elsewhere.

It is from this anchor-point that the concept of "WORKING CLIL" has emerged with an emphasis on what is involved in making CLIL work as an effective and quality educational experience. The dual purpose of the colloquium is thus to provide:

  • teacher education for CLIL through workshops given by experienced CLIL practitioners, researchers or teacher educators;

  • opportunities for poster presentations which present the results of research,  project dissemination and practitioner experiences of CLIL.

The Colloquium is intended for content and language teachers from pre-primary to higher education who are engaged in CLIL or are considering future involvement, CLIL teacher educators, researchers and scholars.

The language of the event is English. Participants should have a good command of the language in order to be able to fully engage in workshop activities.

If you are a CLIL practitioner, researcher or teacher educator, we would like to count on your participation as a Workshop Facilitator at this event.



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