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Nicolas Hurst

Fotografia de Nicolas Robert Hurst
Nome: Nicolas Robert Hurst Ligação à página pessoal de Nicolas Robert Hurst
Sigla: NRH
Estado: Ativo
Extensão Telefónica: 4206
Telf.Alt.: 226077183
Salas: A262

Apresentação Pessoal

Research Interests:


English Language Teaching:

Cultural Content in ELT materials.

My interest here dates back to early work in the late 80s about using literature in the ELT classroom (inspired by Jean Greenwood) which broadened into wider perspectives, to do with cultural stereotypes and the issues of appropriacy and inclusivity in ELT materials. Tomlinson, Byram, Holliday and Kramsch being guiding lights here. In March 2014 I completed my PhD thesis on the subject of cultural representation in locally produced ELT coursebooks.

Observation and Feedback Procedures during Teaching Practice Placements.


I have been involved in supervision of trainees doing their teaching practice placements in local schools for almost 20 years. This experience has led me to question many things, not least, how to conciliate the roles of observer and assessor. I have been exploring my doubts through conference workshops as well as both reading and writing.


ELT methodology.


In the autumn of 2005 I was asked to substitute for a teacher on pregnancy leave, at very short notice. This involved teaching the “practical” component of the fourth year subject “English Teaching Methodology” (M.E.I.). Both the “theoretical” and “practical” course components have been completely revamped in partnership with my colleague, Maria Ellison, to create the new post-Bologna course in "ELT Didactics". We have published several papers as a result of this work.





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Centro de Investigação & Desenvolvimento: Centre for English, Translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies
Faculdade: Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto
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