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Tuition Fees

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Tuition Fees

From the moment of enrolment, payment of the first instalment of the tuition fees is due, except for situations previously established in the Tuition Fees Regulations. The fixed amount is established each year and includes school insurance.

To 3rd cycle students: A payment of a ¤100 fee is due upon enrolment, as per U.Porto’s Table of Fees.

Tuition fees are defined as per the Amendment to U.Porto’s Tuition Fees Regulations, Order No. GR.09/07/2020, the Clarification regarding Tuition Fees Applicable to Part-Time Regimes and to Enrolment in Full-Time or Part-Time Regimes.

Tuition fees can be paid by way of a student current account, via:

Non-compliance with payment within deadline implies:
  • Additional interest for late payment;
  • That all administrative acts will be deemed null.

Important information within U.Porto’s Tuition Fees Regulations:
  • Late payment,
  • Consequences of late payment,
  • Methods of payment.

School Insurance

All students have School Insurance once they have paid their tuition fees. The insurance is renewed each school year (Order 185/MEC/86 - DR 2nd series no. 210, of 12-9-1986).

The school insurance premium is paid alongside the first instalment of the tuition fee.

To report an accident, the student shall fill in the documents below and submit them to the academic management service (or to the International Office in the case of mobility students):

For additional information, check:

Note: An accident should be reported within eight days.

Other information:

Exemption from payment of tuition fees

In accordance with the Army’s website and Decree-Law no. 358/70, combatants, former combatants, children of combatants or of former combatants who served their country in military operations are exempt from paying tuition fees. The exemption includes the cost of the course’s diploma.

Check U.Porto's Tuition Fees Regulations here.
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