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Linguistics Section

Esta unidade não está activa.
Acronym: DEPER/SL
Person in Charge: Ana Maria Brito
Description: The Linguistics Section was founded within the Department of Portuguese and Romance Studies (DEPER), created on July 2000, as the logical consequence of thirty years of the study of Linguistics in the graduation courses of Romance Philology and Modern Languages and Literatures at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto.

From the creation of the Romance Philology course, in 1969, to our days, several branches of Linguistics have been included in the curricula and contemplate its major scientific areas: Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, Pragmatic and History of the Portuguese Language.

The activities developed by a small group of lecturers, responsible for the teaching and research within the different branches of Linguistics, were strengthen when Óscar Lopes began his career as a linguistics’ professor in 1974. This lead to the creation of the Institute of Linguistics of the University of Porto, in 1976, which is dependent on the National Institute for Scientific Research.

It is possible to date from that period the enthusiasm of some teachers in opening the field of Linguistics to issues of the mother tongue and foreign languages teaching. The creation of the Education Studies (1987) and the recruiting of several basic and secondary school teachers for the training course, marked the beginning of a joint work between linguists and teachers at the Faculty. The creation of the Translation Studies, on that same year, also opened new possibilities for the application of Linguistics and strengthen the approach between the University and the work market. It is also important to mention the cooperation of linguists within the annual and intensive Portuguese Course for Foreigners and in the University Diploma in Training Teachers of Portuguese as a Foreign Language.

Together with the teaching and research of the major branches of Linguistics, it was always our principle to provide optional studies considering their importance for the students’ curricula, such as Psycholinguistics, Applied Linguistics, Modern Linguistics Currents, Sociolinguistics, French Linguistics, etc.

The research projects and the production of state-of-the-art studies are primary aspects of the activities in the field of Linguistics within the Faculty: the supervision of eight PhD dissertations in General and Romance Linguistics (with special emphasis in Portuguese Linguistics), the organisation, since 1982, of several Master’s courses, a close cooperation with the Portuguese Association of Linguistics (APL), Association of Portuguese Teachers (APP), International Society of Applied Psycholinguistics (ISAPL) and many other national and international institutions.

The Linguistics teachers at the Faculty of Arts of Porto have been cooperating with research studies in national and foreign universities, as visiting professors, participating in seminars and courses, supervising Master’s and PhD dissertations, etc.
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