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Instituto de História Moderna

Esta unidade não está activa.
Acronym: IHM <i>Instituto de História Moderna</i> - Abre numa nova janela
Person in Charge: Inês Amorim
Mission: There is a general slogan used by the IHM: “we work the pass, we live in the present but we project the future”“ trabalhamos o passado, estamos ligados ao presente e projectamos o futuro”. The expression on the leaflets of IHM-UP: trabalhamos…., means that this research unit pretends to pursue, in cooperation with institutions and people, the development of local , regional and national studies focusing on national and international levels by means of a comparative methodology. So, the IHM-UP has the following global goals:
  • the promotion of a discussion opportunity around the 3 research lines and the specific projects

  • the assembling of means and knowledge in history to support teaching at higher levels (postgraduate courses, work experience and continuous training courses)

  • the development of research in history and the production of specific knowledge within IHM-UP research lines

  • the association with international research networks

  • the promotion of cultural extension activities - conferences and seminars, publications in national and international journals

  • to promote cultural the involvement with community support activities

As concrete goals the IHM-UP :

  • At research level – to publish the outcome of research (materialised in the sub-projects and projects with own financial program,) and plan research directions in areas that could prove to be strategic

  • At higher training level:

    • to prepare cultural and social agents who organize activities in sectors linked to the pursuit of scientific research, projects related to local authority cultural heritage and/or cultural Tourism

    • cooperate in the organization and teaching of graduate courses and planning work experience programmes

  • At scientific advisory level:

    • to strength relations with public and private bodies (Institutions with historical archives, Regional Development Coordination Boards–CCDR, Associations of Municipalities and other land administration organizations, Tourism Regions, Municipal and Parish Councils)

    • to provide advisory services to public and private institutions, identifying collections of documents

    • carrying out monographic studies

    • cooperating with the master plans

    • planning cultural tourism itineraries

    • organizing exhibitions, catalogues, etc.

    • identifying the historical evolution of administrative units, etc.

Description: HM-UP (Instituto de História Moderna da Universidade do Porto), was established in 1998 in the context of the research developed by a group of early modern historians at the department of history in the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto (FLUP), and approved as an R&D institution by the Science and Technology Foundation in May 1999.

It is organized in three main research lines:

  • “Maritime spaces of Northwest Portugal”

  • “Power and land management”

  • “Portuguese External Relations” (http// ihm.up.com)

E-mail: ihm-up@letras.up.pt
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