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International Conference "Intersexualities: Crossing Borders, Crossing Bodies"

23rd to the 25th of March 2017 |Anfiteatro Nobre, Faculty of Letters of the University of Porto, Portugal.

Cruzando Corpos
We are very pleased to announce that the research group Intersexualities, within the project Literature and the Frontiers of Knowledge: Politics of Inclusion, based at the Institute for Comparative Literature Margarida Losa, will be holding the International Conference Intersexualities: Crossing Borders, Crossing Bodies, from the 23rd to the 25th of March 2017, at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Porto, Portugal.

This conference aims to promote an academic reflection on bodies, sexual politics and power relations, within a transnational scope and framed by critical perspectives provided by contemporary theories and ongoing debates on gender, sex, and sexualities. We particularly welcome approaches that focus on possible ways through which literature and the arts, in particular, and the humanities, in general, at the margins of the various normative and normalizing discourses and institutions, offer us opportunities to question, deconstruct, and reimagine identities—gender, sexual, ethnic and racial, national and transnational, etc.—and ethical positions, thus dismantling the traditional hierarchies and limits/borders that shape our contemporary world.

We are especially interested in interdisciplinary approaches bridging feminist studies, gender studies and queer theory with fields such as medicine, psychology, history, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, law, and physics. We wish to provide opportunities to discuss and rethink contemporary politics of inclusion and notions of community (social, literary and scientific) in the 21st century.

Suggested topics:
1. Queer bodies, performance and performativity
2. Sexualities and politics of inclusion
3. Gender, race and writing (the body)
4. Literature and homosexual desire
5. Sexualities and violence
6. Women’s writing, history and literary criticism
7. Sexualities and visual imaginaries
8. Poetry, body and power
9. Literature and science
10. Translation and gender
11. The posthuman in literature and other arts
12. Utopia, gender and sexualities

Portuguese, English, and French.


Other informations (registration):  here
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