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Bachelor in Sociology

SOCI - Study Plan

Academic year:

  1st Year
1st Semester
SOCI016PSISOCSocial Psychology6
SOCI037SGER1General Sociology I6
SOCI011EMCSEpistemology and Methodology in the Social Sciences6
SOCI039TSOC1Sociological Theories I6
2nd Semester
SOCI007CIINDCulture, Interaction and the Individual6
SOCI012HESEC2Modern and Contemporary Economic and Social History6
SOCI001ADQ1Quantitative Data Analysis I6
SOCI038SGER2General Sociology II6
SOCI040TSOC2Sociological Theories II6

  3rd Year
1st Semester
SOCI026SEDUSociology of Education6
SOCI033SDESSociology of Development6
SOCI027SFGENSociology of Family and Gender6
Flup Optional
Uporto optional
2nd Semester
SOCI036STRABSociology of Work6
SOCI025SCULTSociology of Culture6
SOCI049SURUrban and Rural Sociology6
Flup Optional
Uporto optional

Tipo de Classificação: OFICIAL

Unidades curriculares pertencentes às áreas científicas definidas na(s) estrutura(s) curricular(es) ativa(s) neste ano letivo




  Social Psychology


Unidades curriculares pertencentes a áreas científicas não definidas na(s) estrutura(s) curricular(es) ativa(s) neste ano letivo


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