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Interdisciplinary Experimentation Open Laboratory

General information

Acronym: INOVPED


  • Interdisciplinary Experimentation Open Laboratory (6 ECTS credits)

Courses Units

Interdisciplinary Experimentation Open Laboratory


The Interdisciplinary Experimentation Open Laboratory (LAEI) is an innovative pedagogical curricular unit (InovPed Program), proposed by teaching and non-teaching staff of the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Engineering, UP Digital University and TVU.

It seeks to develop basic skills and added value in the creation of digital experiences. Through theoretical exposition and an exercise of experimentation, in the field of digital contents production or related with technologies for innovative digital contents, creativity and project management, each student will be able to share and apply the concepts and contents learned within his/her own scientific area.

For whom?

All U.Porto students and external trainees from 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle programs and other postgraduate and continuing/open training courses or units.

LAEI will be interesting for the most advanced students and those capable of collaborative cross-sectional work (from the 3rd year of a 1st cycle or integrated M.Sc. degree) within fields such as:

  • Cultural / Artistic: students of History, Visual Culture, Heritage Management, Museology, Arts, Fine Arts, Design, Arquitecture, Creative Industries and related fields.
  • Communication / Information: students of Communication Sciences, Information Science and related fields.
  • Technological: students of Multimedia and Digital Media, Informatics and Computing, Computer Science, Electrical and Computers Engineering and related fields.

Location: eHeritage.Lab (at U.Porto Media Innovation Labs Competence Center (MIL) - Coronel Pacheco Square, 15 - Porto

Hours: Monday from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Period of lecturing: 2nd semester


It is intended to develop the following professional / investigative attitudes, skills and abilities:

  1. autonomy and initiative in the acquisition and integration of knowledge in content production, technology mediation and science / heritage communication;
  2. ability to structure and produce content with communicational effectiveness and appropriate to the target audience (s);
  3. ability to conceive, design and implement innovative products, services and processes, based on emerging technologies.
  4. ability to manage interdisciplinary collaborative projects and teamwork.
  5. ability to integrate into multidisciplinary teams, to focus on a specific language and practices and to develop a common language.
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