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Third cycle of studies in Information and Communication in Digital Platforms

Dados Gerais

Código Oficial: 5591
Acronym: ICPD


  • Information and Communication in Digital Platforms (180 ECTS credits)
  • Doctoral Course in Information and Communication in Digital Platforms (60 ECTS credits)

Course Units

Digital Archives and Libraries


This curricular unit aims:

- To enable the student to understand the importance of born-digital or digitized information and its management in modern society, as well as the limits and barriers to de defeated.

Specific objectives:

- To understand the nature of information and the its role in modern society;

- To understand the organization of archives and libraries as information systems;

- To understand the basic principles underlying information conversion: principles, requirements and technical procedures involved;

- To understand the challenges that long term preservation defeats;

- To understand the fundamental issues related to intellectual property;

- To be able to select the more useful computer software to manage a digital archives or library.


Narrative Design and Analysis and Interactive Games



- Promote understanding, analysis and discussion of various theories of digital storytelling and interactive games;Understand the concepts of ludology versus narratology;

- Promote the acquisition of knowledge in the game design development process;

- Promote understanding, analysis and discussion on the impact of video games on present society;

- Promote the ability to analyse and evaluate digital storytelling and interactive digital games;

Convergence Culture in the Mass Media


a) To reflect on the implications of the processes of convergence in the media in the social, cultural, political, etc. dynamics;

b) To understand the set of on going changes both in terms of technological, social and cultural challenges, whether of national and European policies;

c) To stimulate the accomplishment of the state of the art of media convergence of cultures, in the research area of each student;

d) To encourage individual and group discussions on the issue of media convergence of cultures.                  

Interaction Design and Analysis


Mass Media and Society


The central objective of this curricular unit is to increase the student’s knowledge and understanding of media’s social significance. It aims to reveal the work of the media industries, the ways media texts convey their meanings, the ways audiences engage themselves with media, and provide basic knowledge about the theory of networks as well as identify in the new interactive platforms, specific forms of sociability. At the end of the curricular unit, a student should have gained a more extensive and critical appreciation of media’s function in people’s lives and their role as a central institution in contemporary society which helps us to make sense of our world

Participatory Media


Multimedia and Accessibility


New Information and Communication Paradigms on Digital Platforms


Research Methods and Techniques


- To know the fundamentals of scientific research.

- To develop a critical attitude of initiative when addressing issues that may be the object of scientific research.

 - To understand the strengths and limitations of various research methodologies in the Social Sciences.

 - To solve problems – to organize and to plan research - based on acquired knowledge.

Dissertation Project


Research Seminar I


Research Seminar II

ICPD0023 - ECTS Help the students to develop their thesis in a strong relationship with the thesis supervisor
Clarify conceptual and methodological questions, emerging from the objet of study 
Promote the realization the thesis into a period of three years, taking place at the end of the second year a Summer Doctoral Consortium (SDC) that is a very useful and efficient iniciative for this proposal


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