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Pedagogical Council

Acronym: CP
Person in Charge: Luís Alberto Marques Alves
The Pedagogical Council has the following missions:
a. To pronounce upon pedagogical orientations, as well as teaching and evaluation methods;

b. To pronounce upon the creation of FLUP’s courses or the courses where FLUP might participate, and approve their respective syllabus;
c. To promote frequent enquiries to FLUP’s pedagogical performance, as well as its analysis and disclosure;
d. To promote the assessment of teachers’ pedagogical performance, made by the teachers themselves and by the students, as well as its analysis and disclosure;
e. To judge the complaints regarding pedagogical failures and to suggest the next steps;
f. To approve pedagogical and students’ evaluation regulations;
g. To pronounce upon the system prescription and precedence regime;
h. To propose the creation of school awards and to pronounce upon them;
i. To pronounce upon the pedagogical calendar and FLUP’s map of exams;
j. To approve its rules by a qualified majority of two thirds of its effective members.

The Pedagogical Council has sixteen members, equally distributed between teachers and students, with the following composition: 

  • Eight representatives of teachers from any course;
  • Eight representatives of the students who are members of the monitoring commission of any course of studies.

Currently, the composition of the Pedagogical Council is the following:


Prof. Doutor Luís Alberto Marques Alves

Vice-president: Prof.ª Doutora Maria de Fátima da Costa Outeirinho

Teachers Representatives:

Prof. Doutora Maria Teresa Cordeiro de Moura Soeiro
Prof. Doutora
Maria Joana de Sousa Pinto Guimarães de Castro Mendonça
Prof.ª Doutora
Maria João Couto
Prof.ª Doutora
Sónia Maria Cordeiro Valente Rodrigues
Profª Doutora
Laura Maria Pinheiro Machado Soares
Prof.ª Doutora
Olívia Manuela Marques Pestana

Students Representatives:

André Moutinho Rodrigues
João Pedro Teixeira Fidalgo
João Carlos Pinto Lima
Gonçalo Pinto Ferreira Borregana Meireles
Rui Bressiani Queirós de Faria
Sandra Pinto Pinheiro
Guilherme Pereira Ferreira dos Santos
Jorge Miguel Seixas de Albuquerque


Monday: from 8h30 to 12h30 (without appointment)

The rest of the week: with appointment

E-mail: cp@letras.up.pt
Phone: +351 226 071 100
Fax: +351 226 077 101
Address: Via Panorâmica s/n
Postal Code: 4150-564
Location: Porto
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