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JADIS VII MEMITA - Media, Power and Identity: Discursive Strategies in Ideologically-oriented Discourses

October 19th and 20th | 09:00 | Amphitheater - AN


Discourse is a social practice and is therefore a reflection of the context in which it is generated and, at the same time, an agent of change in the context it helps to generate.
It is because of this double nature of reflex and agent of change that the object discourse gains analytical salience, becoming relevant for various research areas.

As an analytical object, discourse can be viewed from many different theoretical points of view. However, it is always as a semiotic object, with a central linguistic component, that it constructs its meaning.

In a Unit / Diversity binomial, JADIS VII assert themselves as plural in the acceptance of different theoretical frameworks, but, at the same time, they affirm themselves as unified in viewing discourse as a semiotic object where the linguistic component has a central role and in the perspective of discourse as a social practice. They assume as their main objective the identification, understanding and prediction of discursive strategies of context representation and the explanation of its ideological meaning.

The manipulation of information (“post-truth”) and the construction of false, incomplete or partial narratives about the real (“alternative facts”) are two trends already well-known in today’s society that continue rising in populist discourses. The prevalence of pathos over logos negatively marks a new phase of political and social communication, being dangerously used as a strategy of manipulation of public opinion and the exercise of power.

For Discourse Studies, analyzing and explaining these phenomena that are constructed, that manifest themselves and that produce effects through the media discourses is an important mission.

The various levels of discourse, from phonological structures; graphical structures; lexical and syntactic-semantic structures, as well as textual, rhetoric-pragmatic, interactional and multimodal structures, are relevant in an analysis that seeks to establish relations between discourse and potential axiological, pragmatic and ideological values. Having already been the object of many reflections, this domain of the Social and Human Sciences and the Language Sciences still lacks a systematization that clearly identifies how the connection between discursive structures and ideologies is processed.

In order to deepen this study, it is particularly important to involve all the components of discourse.
Using words from the Horizon 2020 Project: “Socio-economic Sciences and the Humanities (SSH) contribute to an in-depth, shared understanding of the complex and interrelated socio-economic challenges facing Europe and the rest of the world.(...) A better understanding of Europe’s cultural and social diversity and of its past will inform the reflection about present problems and help to find solutions for shaping Europe’s future.”

The most ambitious goal of this Conference, by means of the produced reflections, is, perhaps, to facilitate social, cultural and behavioural transformations in contemporary societies, namely with a more conscious production and a more participatory reception of discourses, instruments from which everything is created and everything is transformed.

JADIS VII is carried out in partnership with the international MEMITA research network (Memory, Identity, Integration to identify analysis models in media communication), with which they share the objective of analyzing the role of the press in the constitution of individual groupal and national identities, in the past and in the present.

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