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Contemporary Critical Thought - a few representative authors


Vítor Oliveira Jorge 

Number of hours: 24 hours

Credits: 2,5 ECTS

Calendar: 4 April to 6 June 2011
Schedule: Monday 19h30/ 21h30
New Price:
Students (former and current) and UP staff- ¤95,00
General public- - 140,00
+ School Insurance: 1,80¤

<ahref="http://www.letras.up.pt/gi/form/candauth.asp"target="_blank"> Online Application:

  • Registration deadline: 3 January to 01 de Abril 2011

    The registration process is done via web in FLUP’s Computer/IT Services webpage, at the address http://www.letras.up.pt/gi/candidaturas na opção Candidaturas

    In the registration process, one can choose to pay with credit card (online) or by sending a check by mail or, in alternative, to make the payment in FLUP’s Treasury Office, on floor 1 (working time – 10h/16h).

    Information: The accomplishment of the course depends on a minimum of twelve registered trainees and the registration is only valid after the first payment. .

    Serviço de Gestão Académica - Sector de Formação Contínua
    Via Panorâmica, s/nº 4150-564 Porto
    Telef: 226077152 Email:gfec@letras.up.pt
    Horário Atendimento: 10h00 às 16h00


Department of Heritage Studies

Dados Gerais

Docente Responsável: Sérgio Rodrigues
Acronym: FCPCC
Tipo de curso/ciclo de estudos: Continuing Training Course
Start: 2008/2009

Áreas Científicas Predominantes

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