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Oral Academic Presentations in Practice


This Short Course's general goals are:getting researchers and teachers acquainted with good oral communication practical concepts and fostering the presentation of academic communications by the researchers and teachers of the University of Porto.

Presenting academic communications is part of the professional life of researchers and teachers and is, or should be, a priority for all those who wish to keep updated with their area of knowledge.

Oral communication - be it through paper presentations at key-points of ongoing research, or a final dissertation - is the quickest way that researchers and teachers have at their disposal for sharing their perspetives on the issues, and getting feedback from their peers.

At this Short Couse we will encourage researchers and teachers to practice their oral presentation of academic communications skills. It is, therefore, an opportunity for this public to exercise their ability to pass on their message in a clear, succint way and with impact on their audiences. This can furthermore contribute for the exchange and production of knowledge by the University of Porto.

  1. Presenting oneself with credibility;
  2. Organising the speech in a logical way and by resorting to reliable sources;
  3. The oral speech goals of informing and inspiring for receiving feedback;
  4. The use of simple words, appealing to logicality, to describe and suggest;
  5. Communicating verbally and non-verbally with self-confidence, proximity with the audience and without noise or crutches;
  6. Expressing vocal variety with enthusiasm and firm conviction;
  7. Resorting comfortably to visual aids of logicality;
  8. Communicating within the academia in a clear, succint way, and with impact.


Being a university student, or an academic researcher, or a teacher (from any area of knowledge).

General information

Teacher Responsible: Maria Manuela Pinto
Acronym: CPAOCA
Type of course/cycle of studies: Open Training Course
Start: 2018/2019
Duration: 16 Hour

Study Plan



  • Oral Academic Presentations in Practice ( Courses Units)

Main Scientific Areas

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