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Public Communication in Practice


This Short Course's general goal is getting participants to be well acquainted with practical concepts of good public communication.

At this Short Course, we will encourage participants to practice their public communication skills. It is, therefore, an opportunity for them to exercise their ability to pass on their message in an appropriate way and with impact on their audiences. This can, furthermore, contribute for improving awareness that the content of their message may actually be good and creative, which will subsequently increase their self-confidence.

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities, where language is a special focus of interest, is the ideal place to help university students and public in general communicate correctly. Thus, the goals of this Short Course are also in line with the goals of the University of Porto.


  1. Presenting oneself while interacting with the public;
  2. Organising the speech in a structured and attractive way;
  3. The oral speech goals of entertaining and persuading;
  4. The use of words to arise emotions;
  5. Communicating verbally and non-verbally with charisma and without noise or crutches;
  6. Expressing vocal variety with assertiveness or by impromptu speaking;
  7. Resorting to visual aids that appeal to our senses;
  8. The power of public communication.


All of those who would like to improve their public communication skills and either have finished secondary school.

General information

Teacher Responsible: Maria Manuela Pinto
Acronym: CPCP
Type of course/cycle of studies: Open Training Course
Start: 2018/2019
Duration: 16 Hour

Study Plan



  • Public Communication in Practice ( Courses Units)

Main Scientific Areas

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