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InformationThe course/CS does not admit students in 2011/2012.
Main fields of study History of Philosophy (Ancient; Medieval; Modern; Contemporary); Hermeneutics; Logic; Cosmology; Philosophy of Science; Political Science; Philosophy of Language; Ontology; Philosophical Anthropology; Axiology and Ethics; Culture; Aesthetics

Official length of program 4 years (plus one year Teacher Training for students who have opted for the specialisation in Teaching Philosophy).

Areas of Specialization (as options in the 3rd and 4th years)
Portuguese Culture; Teaching Philosophy; Aesthetics and Arts; Ethics and Political Science; Information and Communication.

Admission requirements 12th Grade Secondary Education or equivalent; University Entrance Exams in Philosophy

Course Description
The Philosophy course is aimed at a logical, argumentative and conceptual analysis of contemporary and historical thought. To this end, the course is centred on:
(1) the study of problems, arguments and theories in Philosophy;
(2) the development of skills for research in Philosophy and related areas;
(3) the study of works which mark the history and present of Philosophy;
(4) a comprehensive understanding of a broad range of sciences and domains of human action.

The instruction provided has a dual approach: informative, on the one hand, and critical reflection, on the other. In this way, the Degree in Philosophy trains and improves logical and argumentative skills, and provides a comprehensive understanding of the history of ideas, covering aspects ranging from the epistemological, ethical-political, aesthetic, gnostic, metaphysical and political to the communicational and cultural. The capacity to analyse concepts, arguments and methods of thought, the characteristic mark of education in Philosophy, comprises a particularly useful skill in a wide variety of present-day professional occupations, especially those which demand the search for conscientious, rational and creative solutions.
In the 3rd and 4th years, student can opt for a particular area of specialisation, from the five available, which will best correspond to their expectations and interests in future careers or in pursuing postgraduate studies and research.

Career Prospects
The degree in Philosophy qualifies the holder to exercise professional activities in the following fields:

  • Teaching of Philosophy in secondary education and in higher education;
  • Scientific research, both fundamental and applied;
  • Publishing sector;
  • Consultancy services;
  • Diplomatic career;
  • Journalism and Communication;
  • Cultural Management;
  • Public relations.


    The Department of Philosophy has published the Student's Guide 2004-2005 that can be downloaded here (.pdf file: 1Mb). It includes information on Teaching Staff, subjects and respective programmes, the University and the available services (in Portuguese).


    No edition in 2007/2008
  • General information

    Official Code: 0360
    Acronym: FIL
    Type of course/cycle of studies: First Degree
    Start: 1968/1969
    End: 2011/2012
    Duration: 5 Years
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