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Masters in History, International Relations and Cooperation

With the Master’s degree in History, International Relations and Cooperation, we intend to qualify the students in order to gain the necessary skills in several scientific domains regarding the area of International Relations, according to the level requested by the career possibilities in international cooperation.

Therefore, the two predicted paths (research path and vocational path) are oriented to become the core of higher research levels, allowing a continuous learning.

Besides, the course is guided towards theoretical and methodological deep examination of concrete research problems.

With the current structure, we seek to answer the appropriate goals of a 2nd cycle, trying to offer a theoretical and generic methodological education, in which a foreign language subject or a Portuguese language subject are integrated, in case of non-Portuguese-speaking students.

We well look out to extend the theoretical education base on the field of International Relations and to initiate an approach to more specialized problematics about regional studies (Area Studies).


This course seeks to reinforce an offer with research and professionalization-oriented subjects. This Master’s degree has the following goals:

  • To provide an offer of post-graduate courses in the various scientific domains associated to the area of International Relation, within the University of Porto;
  • To foster different curricular areas, in a flexible curricular structure, within the domains of international relations and political cooperation;
  • To promote scientific research in the several integrated knowledge areas;
  • To prepare agents who might develop professional activities in several diversified sectors of International Relations, such as:
    • Foundations (namely the International Relations-oriented ones);
    • Public Administration (central and local) Departments;
    • ONG'S
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Portuguese-speaking Countries Community;
    • European institutions (Commission, Council, Parliament, respective representations in Portugal, etc.);
    • United Nation’s Portuguese representation and its specialized agencies;
    • General international cooperation projects.


Degree approved under Art. 54 of the Teaching Career Statute (Decree-Law no. 15/2007, of 19/01), regulated by Ordinance no. 334/2008, of 30/04, for the groups 200 (Portuguese and Social Studies / History) and 400 (History). (Order of His Excellency the Secretary of State of Education, July 21st 2009)

Maximum number of students: 25
Minimum number of students: 10
Schedule: Fridays (13h30m-20h30m) and Saturdays

Access Requirements: in conformity with the disposed in Art. 17 of Decree-Law 74/2006, March 24th, the students holding the following qualifications will be admitted to application to the cycle of studies conducive to the Master’s degree in History, Historical Relations and Cooperation:

  • Holders of a graduate degree (180 ECTS) or legal equivalent;
  • Holders of a foreign higher academic degree given in the sequence of a 1st cycle of studies organized according to the Bologna Program in any adherent country;
  • Holders of a foreign higher academic degree recognized as adequate by the competent council of the Faculty of Arts;
  • Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum recognized as adequate by the competent scientific council of the Faculty of Arts.

NOTE: The applicants who fulfil the Access Requirements will be ordered after accomplishing an interview.


Email (Master's direction): mhric@letras.up.pt

Departamento de História e de Estudos Políticos e Internacionais

General information

Official Code: 9636
Director: Luís Grosso Correia
Acronym: MHRIC
Academic Degree: Master
Type of course/cycle of studies: Masters Degree
Start: 2007/2008
Duration: 2 Years

Study Plan


  • Master of Arts in History, International Relations and Cooperation (120 ECTS credits)
  • Master's course in History, International Relations and Cooperation (60 ECTS credits)

Main Scientific Areas

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