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During gestation the uterus undergoes a series of programmed morphological changes resulting in extensive tissue reorganization in order to accommodate the growing embryo. During uterine remodelling, the processes of cell proliferation and apoptosis are tightly regulated, being the relative extent of these processes fundamental for normal placentation. Indeed, increased levels of apoptosis have been reported to be associated with failing pregnancies, intrauterine growth restriction and pre-eclampsia. The main objective of this study is the understanding of the mechanisms that underpin the dynamic uterine-embryo interactions during successful pregnancy. In addition, as the endocannabinoids are critical in the areas of implantation and miscarriage we intend to study the role of these molecules in the development of the fetoplacental unit.

In this field we are developing the following projects:

  • The role of endocannabinoids in fetoplacental development: towards an understanding of the effects of exocannabinoid exposure during pregnancy
  • The mechanisms underlying normal pregnancy and pregnancy loss of natural foetal resorption.

Relevant publications

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