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link to PhD Thesis (18351-bromatology)


  • Analysis of major constituents:
      Nutritional composition, including moisture and water activity, total fat content, crude protein, ash, carbohydrates, and nutritional value, are evaluated by reliable methodologies.

      Specific constituents such as, fatty acid composition and trans fatty acids, triacylglicerols, carbohydrates, proteins, peptides and aminoacids are identified and quantified by chromatographic methodologies.

  • Analysis of minor constituents:
      Analysis of volatile compounds by headspace solid-phase micro extraction (SPME) coupled with GC/MS. A valuable tool for study food volatile compounds, different fibers can be used, such as, polydimethylsiloxane and CAR/PDMS. Results can be correlated with sensory characteristics.

      Determination of tocopherols (alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and delta- tocopherols) and tocotrienols (beta, alpha- and gamma-tocotrienols) in foods by normal and reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection.

      Identification and quantification of several carotenoids by HPLC with diode-array detection.

      Determination of beta-carboline [norharman (NH) and harman (H)] contents, by RP-HPLC with fluorescence detection.

      Analysis of phytosterols by GLC-FI, organic acids and nucleotides by HPLC/UV.

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