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International Students Applications 2020/2021

Integrated Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences


                  Integrated Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences                 


1st PHASE 




Number of vacancies available: 20

5 + remaining vacancies of 1st phase

5 + remaining vacancies of 2nd phase

Application submission
(Link to the on-line application)

02/01/2020 to 27/02/2020

28/02/2020 to 04/05/2020

30/06/2020 to 17/07/2020

Publication of conditional results




Complaints about conditional results presented

19/03/2020 to 01/04/2020

19/05/2020 to 01/06/2020

31/07/2020 to 13/08/2020

Results to publish




Submission of complaints

03/04/2020 to 24/04/2020

03/06/2020 to 25/06/2020

04/09/2020 to 24/09/2020

Publication of the complaint decision will be




Enrolment and registration
will be open

03/04/2020 to 15/04/2020

03/06/2020 to 15/06/2020

04/09/2020 to 11/09/2020

Placement of candidates in the reserve list

17/04/2020 to 27/04/2020

17/06/2020 to 26/06/2020

14/09/2020 to 21/09/2020

Publication of vacant places




Applicants not placed in one phase and wishing to apply for another phase will have to apply again and pay application fees.

The results (conditional or definitive) will be published on the FFUP website, thus considering the candidate notified.


International students are those as described in the article 3º of Decree-Law nº 62/2018, of 6th August and article 1º of the Regulation nº 664/2018, of 16th October. Applicants that do not satisfy the above mentioned regulation cannot apply through the special admission for international students.

The international students that may apply for enrolment in the MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences are:

  1. Holders of any academic qualification, which may grant them the ability to apply for higher education such as a certificate or a diploma that was issued by a legal authority that confirms that they have the right to apply and enter in a higher education degree in the country it was awarded.
  2. Holders of a Portuguese secondary education certificate or legally equivalent qualification.


  1. A Secondary School Diploma, which includes Biology and Chemistry subjects.
  2. Knowledge of Portuguese language. If necessary, the jury may test the speaking skills by videoconference or online. 


Candidates will be ranked by the highest score according to the following formula:
Application grade = 50% ES + 50% PI

ES - secondary education qualification (or equivalent)
PI - entrance specific examinations in Biology-Geology and Physical-Chemistry (or equivalent national examination)

In the case of a tie, the following criteria shall apply, successively:

  1. Better classification of entrance specific examinations;
  2. Better rating of secondary education qualification (or equivalent).

Applicants who are applying with ENEM examinations:
The ENEM grades will be converted to a scale from 0 to 200 (Portuguese grading scale) according to the following formula:
Final grade = ENEM grade * 200/1000

After the conversion of the ENEM grades, only applicants with individual grades equal to or higher than 95 (475 in ENEM), in each the following areas of knowledge, will be admitted:
- Natural Sciences and their Technologies:
- Writing.
The classification of the entrance specific examinations corresponds to the arithmetic average of the classification obtained in the two areas of knowledge.

Applicants who are applying with other examinations:
Must have obtained on the required entrance examinations (or equivalent national examination) grades equal to or higher than the following limits: 95 points (on a scale from 0 to 200).




  1. Identification document (Identity Card/Passport) or  declaration containing the identification data.
  2. Declaration stating that you are covered by the international student status.
  3. Document proving that you have knowledge of the Portuguese language (such as a Diploma awarded by a competent authority or a declaration of honour signed by yourself).
  4. Supporting document(s) regarding the specific examinations [national examinations, homologous examinations, ENEM).
  5. Diploma or certificate issued by a competent authority attesting to the successful completion of a secondary education programme, preferably with indication of the final average.
  6. Descriptive certificate of the subjects that make up the secondary education programme.
  7. Declaration acknowledging that the Secondary School Diploma that you hold fulfils all requisites needed to apply for similar courses of the Official Higher Education System in the country it was issued, or a certificate of equivalence to the Portuguese Secondary School Diploma issued by a Portuguese official competent authority. (**)

** The holders of a Brazilian high school diploma who have done the Brazilian National Secondary Education Examination (ENEM) are not required to present this declaration. 

Foreign documents or documents which have been issued abroad must be validated by the official Educational Service of the country in which they were awarded and certified by consular offices or embassies of Portugal located in the country where the qualification was obtained or, for countries that acceded to the Hague Convention, hold the Hague Apostille of the country where the qualification was obtained. All documents that are not in Portuguese, Spanish, French or English language have to be translated into Portuguese.

The supporting document regarding ENEM results does not need to be certified since this information is confirmed by INEP.

NOTE: Additionally, may other documents be requested during the process analysis.

International student: ¤ 4.500,00
International student of Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries: ¤ 2.475,00


¤100,00 euros

The non-payment of fees in due time results in the rejection of the application.
For payment of the fees the ATM references will be created on “Conta Corrente" by clicking on the image imagem .
In what concerns payments done abroad, the candidate must make a bank transfer at the payer’s expenses, using the information in the  attached document. Then, the applicant´s must send proof of the bank transfer to expediente@ff.up.ptwith the following data: application login, full name and address.


Decree-Law n.º 62/2018, of 6th August – Regulates the international student status.
Regulation n.º 664/2018, of 16th October – Regulates the application of international student status of the University of Porto.


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