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Short Course: European Drug Regulation and Advanced Therapies

2018, July 12 - FFUP, University of Porto, Portugal

 Short Course: European Drug Regulation and Advanced Therapies
This is an introductory course to European Drug Regulation and Advanced Therapies, targeted to PhD students in Medicines and Pharmaceutical Innovation (i3DU Programme), but we welcome other students or professionals from the pharmaceutical, medical, and general health sciences field. 

The course will include theoretical sessions, discussions, and networking opportunities.

For detailed information and registration visit: www.bit.ly/EDRAT


Ana Hidalgo

Overview of EMA and the centralized procedure for Advanced Therapies
Ana Hidalgo-Simon
Head of Specialized Scientific Disciplines, EUROPEAN MEDICINES AGENCY (EMA)

Fátima Ventura

Challenges & Trends in Advanced Therapies: Paving the way for innovation in Oncology
Fátima Ventura
Head of Scientific Evaluation Unit / Medicines Evaluation Department, INFARMED

Luis Pereira Almeida

Gene Therapy: Dawn of a new era
Luís Pereira de Almeida
Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology and Faculty of Pharmacy, U.Coimbra

Bruno Sepodes

Orphan Medicinal Products in Europe
Bruno Sepodes
Chairperson of the Committee for Orphan Medicinal Products (EMA), Prof. at FFUL

Jorge Oliveira

Course Coordinator: Prof. Jorge Ascenção Oliveira
Dep. Drug Sciences, Pharmacology Lab, Faculty of Pharmacy, U.Porto
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