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The mission of the Department of Pharmacology is:
  • To produce high quality, adaptable graduates who have a deep understanding of the mechanism of drug action in the whole organism as well as at a cellular and molecular level. The Laboratory integrates courses of histology, physiology, basic and clinical pharmacology, molecular neuroscience, therapeutics and pharmaceutical care to study the molecular mechanisms of disease and to develop rational therapeutic approaches to human health and providing high quality, cutting-edge, teaching and training in areas related to the safe, effective and economical medication use in patients.

  • The Laboratory of Pharmacology carries out basic and applied research on different areas of Health Sciences. The global aim is to gain insight in the pathophysiology of some diseases, in order to contribute to the development of new putative therapeutic strategies. Some projects are multidisciplinary, covering other transversal scientific domains. The Laboratory of Pharmacology has several collaborations with national and international groups.

Contact: farmacologia@ff.up.pt
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