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International Students application 2020/2021 | 2nd cycle | MSc in Quality Control

Applications online only


MSc in Quality Control

(more information about this cycle of studies)






Vacancies: 5

Vacancies: 3 + the surplus vacancies of the
1st phase

Vacancies: the surplus vacancies of the
2nd phase

Application submission
(Applications online)

From 02/01/2020 to 01/02/2020

From 11/04/2020 to 26/04/2020

From 30/06/2020 to 10/07/2020

Applications analyses

From 03/02/2020 to 07/02/2020

From 27/04/2020 to 30/04/2020

From 13/07/2020 to 15/07/2020

Posting the provisional results


EDITAL (PT only)



Prior hearing

From 11/02/2020 to 25/02/2020

From 06/05/2020 to 19/05/2020

From 17/07/2020 to 30/07/2020

Posting of definitive results




Presentation of applicants complaints

From 27/02/2020 to 18/03/2020

From 21/05/2020 to 12/06/2020

From 03/08/2020 to 21/08/2020

Publication of the complaints decision





From 25/03/2020 to 30/03/2020

From 25/05/2020 to 28/05/2020

From 18/08/2020 to 20/08/2020

Placement of alternates

From 01/04/2020 to 03/04/2020

From 29/05/2020 to 01/06/2020

From 21/08/2020 to 24/08/2020

Publication of the surplus vacancies for the next phase




The results (provisional or definitive) will be posted on the FFUP website
thus all candidates are considered to be notified.


International students are those designated in the 3rd article of the Decree-Law nº 36/2014, of March the 10th, revised by the Decree-Law nº 62/2018, of August the 6th and the 1st article of the Regulation n.º 664/2018, of October the 16th.
Cannot apply under this regime students who are not in accordance with the mentioned diploma.

Are admitted as applicants to register in the 2nd cycle of studies leading to the Master Degree in Quality Control:

  1. Holders of a bachelor degree or legal equivalent degree, in the same scientific area, with a strong chemical analytical and/or biological component.
  2. Holders of an academic foreign degree, got after a 1st cycle of studies planned according to the principals of the Bologna Process, by a State adherent to this Process, in the same scientific area or in areas to be defined by the Scientific Commission.
  3. Holders of an academic foreign degree which is recognized to accomplish the bachelor degree goals by the Scientific Council of the FFUP, in the same area or in areas to be defined by the Scientific Commission of the Study Cycle.
  4. Holders of an education, scientific or professional curriculum that is recognized to certify the ability to attend this cycle of studies by the Scientific Council of the FFUP.

NOTA: Pursuant to the U.Porto International Student Regulation, if an applicant holds two or more nationalities but one of them is Portuguese, he/she cannot apply through the special international student applications. If the applicant has two or more nationalities in which Portuguese is not included, but one of the nationalities is from a member state of the European Union, he/she may opt for one of them (Article 1st of the Regulation nº 664/2018, of October the 16th )





  1. Identification document (passport or any other legal equivalent document) or declaration containing identification data (PT only);
  2. Declaration (PT only) under pledge of honour that the applicant benefits from the international student regulation;
  3. Certified document of the Portuguese language knowledge (document issued by a qualified institution or a declaration of pledge of honour provided by the applicant himself);
  4. Certification of the last academic degree obtained (bachelor, integrated master/foreign master (which must include the average grade as well as the rating scale applied);**
  5. CV (academic, scientific and professional experience);
  6. Proving document of professional experience.

** Foreign documents or documents issued abroad must be authenticated by the official education services of the respective country, and recognized by a Portuguese diplomatic or consular institution in the country in which they were obtained, or alternatively, legalized by the Apostille system under the Hague Convention. Documents not written in Portuguese should be translated into Portuguese or English.

Information about 2020-2021 fees will be provided soon.

¤55,00, non refundable.

Failure to pay dues in due time leads to the outright rejection of the application.
To pay dues, ATM Referrals must be generated from the “Current Account” by clicking on the MB image Imagem.
Payments made from abroad must be done through a bank transfer at the expenses of the payer, using data from the attached attached (PT only) document. The evidence of the bank transfer payment must be sent to the email expediente@ff.up.pt with the following data: application login and full name.

Selection and ranking criteria for the Master's degree in Quality Control (PT only)


- Decree-Law No. 36/2014, of March the 10th, revised by Decree-Law No. 62/2018 (PT only) - Regulates the Status of International Students.
- Regulation No. 664/2018, of October the 16 th (PT only) - Regulation for the application of the International Student Statute of the University of Porto.

ATTENTION: non placed applicants which want to apply to another phase will have to present a new application and pay the respective dues.

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