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FCT project "Assistive Real-Time Technology in Singing" :: Final Project Meeting

22nd february | 9h30 - 15h00 | Room I-105

On February 22nd, will be held at Faculty of Engineering of Universidade do Porto (FEUP) the final meeting of the FCT project "Assistive Real-Time Technology in Singing", a project that gathers expertise in the areas of singing pedagogy, engineering and laryngology, promotes pos-graduate research work benefitting from the synergy between different disciplines, and aims at providing singing students, teachers and professionals with solutions helping them to optimize singing learning and training, and to perform safely. The program includes: 9h30 // Aníbal Ferreira, Opening and overview of the project, activities and results 10h00 // Susana Freitas, "Voice-PE a tool for the training in audio - perceptual evaluation" 10h20 // Ricardo Sousa, "VoiceStudio a tool for the acoustic evaluation of the voice" 10h40 // Inês Moura, "Research results on singing voice perturbations" 11h00 // Coffee break 11h30 // Ricardo Sousa, "SingingStudio a tool for the analysis of the singing voice" 11h50 // Joana Martinez, "Research results on spoken voice perturbations" 12h10 // Sérgio Lopes, "SingingStudio and MasterPitch- software applications for iOS platforms" 12h45 // Lunch (reserved) 14h00 // Mário Alves, "SingingBattle, an interactive software application for the Educational Service at Casa da Música" 14h30 // The Singing Voice, LIVE! Rui Taveira -introduction | Marta Martins (Soprano) | Luis Neiva (Bass) | Angel Casado -piano 15h00 // Closing session: -concluding notes by Aníbal Ferreira and Sten Ternström (Prof. at KTH, Sweden, via videoconferencing) | -enquiry on possible new research avenues, challenges and projects | - Farewell. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Disclose your events and projects by e-mail Find out more about our services in SICC site
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