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Conference Oceans Challenges and Opportunities

13th to 17th May, Porto

The Conference Oceans Challenges and Opportunities has three main aims: firstly, to bring together specialists working in climate change, ocean acidification, fishing, pollution, shipping, security issues, and mining, as well as in loss of habitats and biodiversity, to discuss technological and organizational challenges for global ocean sustainability and stewardship. Secondly, to bring together technology developers and scientists to discuss technological trends in robotics, sensor and communication systems, in data processing, analysis and storage, as well as in interoperability and standardization, with a special focus on developments relevant to ocean applications. Thirdly, to provide a forum for informal discussions and networking, with an eye on new research agendas and development and business models for ocean sustainability and stewardship. Topics * Ocean challenges * Systems trends * Networking systems * Networking institutions * Road ahead Consult the programme and further information here. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Disclose your events and projects by e-mail Find out more about our services in SICC site.
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