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How Do Doctoral Examinations Vary Across the Globe?


DATE: 1 February 2023
Feb 1st, 13.00-14.00 CET on ZOOM

SPEAKER: Stan Taylor

Professor Stan Taylor was educated at the Universities of Oxford and Warwick. For many years he researched and taught in the social sciences at Warwick before moving into academic staff development. Subsequently he became Director of Quality Enhancement at the University of Newcastle and then Director of the Centre for Academic and Researcher Development at Durham University. 
He formally retired in 2013, but has continued with his long-standing work in doctoral education. He has facilitated workshops with doctoral supervisors to enhance their practice in over 40 universities in the UK and many overseas in Western and Eastern Europe and the Far East.
He has been responsible for two major initiatives to support doctoral supervisors to gain recognition.
In 2016, he produced a guide to applying for Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy for doctoral supervisors, which has been downloaded 1,350 times. Also in 2016, he was co-opted to the Executive Committee of the UK Council for Graduate Education to oversee the creation of the Research Supervisors Network of which he is currently the chair. In 2018-2019, he authored the Good Supervisory Practice Framework on behalf of the UKCGE and led on the development of the Supervisor Recognition scheme which was introduced in 2020. 
He remains an active researcher in the field and has a number of publications including (with Margaret Kiley and Robin Humphrey) A Handbook for Doctoral Supervisors (Routledge, 2018) and (with Margaret Kiley and Karri. A. Holley (Eds.)) The Making of Doctoral Supervisors (Routledge 2021).

This webinar reports the results of a cross-national study of doctoral examinations in 20 countries drawn from all of the major regions of the world and covering nearly three-quarters of the world’s doctoral graduates.
It will summarise the main findings of the study in relation to key areas including  arrangements for submission, the nomination of examiners, the criteria for appointment as examiners, the extent of externality in the examination process, the use of pre-examination procedures, the form of the viva, and the outcomes of examination.

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This webinar is organized by the PRIDE-'Professionals in Doctoral Education' Network.
FEUP is a member of the PRIDE Network.

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