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UT Austin Portugal 2021 Annual Conference

20th and 21st October, FEUP


Join us at the UT Austin Portugal 2021 Annual Conference, this year in the city of Porto and with a mix of great hybrid and virtual-only sessions. We invite our transatlantic community and beyond to look into interdisciplinary research and collaboration as the way forward to more resilient societies!

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines resilience as the ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change. In the fight against COVID-19, the word resilience has often been used in narratives where the emphasis is placed on the role scientific collaboration across various fields of knowledge plays in providing a better understanding of complex problems and empowering societies to face disturbances as windows of opportunities.

Although the interplay between different disciplines is not a novelty, it became more acute in the past two centuries, with science turning into an open space where knowledge communities – sometimes with conflicting or contradictory views – come together to solve multi-layered puzzles. Reality is indeed far too complex to be approached through a single angle or fit in a single knowledge compartment.

Connecting the dots: interdisciplinarity as a way to build up resilience: we picked our largest event to discuss how interdisciplinarity in science is helping societies become more resilient, i.e., able to cope with adversity and distress and come out stronger.

The Program itself has been acting, ever since its inception, as a meeting point for inter-community collaboration around grand societal challenges and emerging scientific questions. It has been doing it by bridging different knowledge areas and identifying common ground, thus, contributing to scientific breakthroughs and transformative change.

You can register here.
More details on our Conference website.

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