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R & D + Innovation


The R&D projects developed by FEUP professors and researchers at its research centres, interface institutes and skills centres can often lead to the creation of new businesses whose aim is to exploit the results of these projects.

Entrepreneurial activity is encouraged by providing advanced training in innovation and technological entrepreneurship, promoting incentive programs, organizing counseling initiatives such as the “Ideas Office”, and supplying contacts for consulting firms, business angels, seed capital and risk capital.

Several technology-based companies have already sprung up within FEUP in areas as diverse as Software Engineering, Marine Systems and Technology, Bridge Engineering and Energy Transport, among others. Many of these companies are incubated in UPTEC, the University of Porto’s Science and Technology Park, located very close to the FEUP campus.

Amnis Pura

The company plans to develop, produce and sell custom hydrogen purification solutions based on PSA (Pressure swing adsorption). The product allows the purification of reforming streams with high level of purity and recovery. Their applications extend to the chemical and energy industry (e.g., hydrogen filling stations for fuel cell vehicles).

Awarded the seal of spin-off FEUP in 2018.


VisBlue develops customized solutions of energy storage and expects to be an international brand on the sustainable energy market. The aim is to be a natural part of every major housing development where energy accounts include solar panels.

Awarded the seal of spin-off FEUP in 2018.


AddVolt designs and develops electric controllers which manage intelligently and autonomously distinct sources of electric energy. They have knowhow in electric motor control as application in regenerative brake systems and power electronic conversion.

Awarded the seal of spin-off FEUP in 2015.


MASDIMA is a company which aims to develop software and services that enable companies to track and manage the daily operation efficiently, including irregularities that may affect the operation.

Awarded the seal of spin-off FEUP in 2014.


IDEIA.M promotes innovation through effective creation of new products. It simultaneously integrates the skills of design and engineering in the creation process, exploiting synergies and reducing the time taken to reach the final product.

Awarded the seal of spin-off FEUP in 2012.

SEEGNAL Research Lda (Ceased activity)

SEEGNAL Research provides consulting, research and project design services involved with the development of technological solutions for digital processing of natural information, especially audio/voice, for use in voice analysis/diagnosis applications, speech therapy and singing teaching.

Awarded the seal of spin-off FEUP in 2011.

Metablue Solution, Lda

Metablue installed in UPTEC, was created in February 2011. The company was developed within the Master’s degree course in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship at FEUP, whereby promoters assessed the potential of available technology at the University of Porto and decided to proceed with the development of a non-disruptive medical device for early diagnosis of otitis.

Awarded the seal of spin-off FEUP in 2011.

StrongStep - Innovation on Software Quality

StrongStep is a company specializing in Software Engineering that is committed to improving software quality both in Portugal and worldwide.

Awarded the seal of spin-off FEUP in 2009.

Sysnovare Innovative Solutions (Ceased activity)

Sysnovare operates in the area of Information Technology (IT). It has a strong commitment to product flexibility, promoting the construction of integrable modules that enable design solutions tailored to each client.

Awarded the seal of spin-off FEUP in 2009.

Tecla Colorida - Educational Software, Ltd (Ceased activity)

Tecla Colorida is a company dedicated to developing educational software.

Awarded the seal of spin-off FEUP in 2008.

Ownersmark SA (Ceased activity)

Ownersmark is dedicated to the development, production, storage and marketing of products in composite materials, including poles for electricity distribution, supports for construction infrastructures as well as piping (pipers) and towers for wind energy. It also offers a range of solutions and products in the field of artificial intelligence.

Awarded the seal of spin-off FEUP in 2008.

Advanced Cyclone Systems, S.A.

Advanced Cyclone Systems is exclusively committed to the world's most advanced cyclone systems. Applications include controlling the emission of particulate matter (PM) in boilers and furnaces, as well as product (powder) recovery in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Awarded the seal of spin-off FEUP in 2008.


3Decide is a young company specializing in 3D Communication of Business Spaces. It has created an ecosystem of innovative solutions ranging from real-time 3D Models and interactive 3D visits, to 3D experiences in Augmented Reality. 3Decide’s pioneering global vision is to unify 3D, Information Systems and Web 2.0.

Awarded the seal of spin-off FEUP in 2008.

OCEANSCAN - Marine Systems & Technology, Lda

OCEANSCAN develops remote control submarine vehicles, its flagship system is the Light Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (LAUV).

Awarded the seal of spin-off FEUP in 2008.

BERD - Project, Research and Bridge Engineering

BERD is a company that provides services in the field of bridge engineering, using the globally patented OPS system, which can ensure significant reductions in operating costs, improved functional performance and increased security.

Awarded the seal of spin-off FEUP in 2007.

Kinematix (Ceased activity)

Kinematix specializes in the design and production of innovative electronic devices for the health, sport and industry markets.

Awarded the seal of spin-off FEUP in 2007.

Biosckin, Molecular and Cell Therapies, Sa.(Ceased activity)

Logótipo Biosckin

Biosckin specializes in biotechnology and regenerative medicine.

Awarded the seal of spin-off FEUP in 2006.


IDEAVITY is committed to developing Internet applications based on innovative social networking concepts, ubiquitous computing, mobility, interaction and creativity.

Awarded the seal of spin-off FEUP in 2006.

Fluidinova,Fluid Engineering, SA

Fluidinova provides high technology engineering services, specifically in consulting and project design, for the development of new environmental and industrial processes and technologies.

Awarded the seal of spin-off FEUP in 2005.

TRENMO, Engineering Lda

TRENMO (Transport, Engineering and Modelling) is a consulting firm for transport and territory.

Awarded the seal of spin-off FEUP in 2005.

I-sensis - Research and Development in Chemical Engineering, Ltd

I-SENSIS is dedicated to developing customized “private label” perfumes, for which it uses high quality fragrances to create exclusive, custom-made products.

Awarded the seal of spin-off FEUP in 2004.

Sysadvance - Sistemas de Engenharia, SA

Sysadvance is a company specializing in the field of industrial technology and the integration of advanced gas separation systems.

Awarded the seal of spin-off FEUP in 2004.

iPortalmais, Internet and Network services, Ltd

iPortalMais develops Linux-based solutions for Intranet servers and Communications. Supported on its operating system IPBrick.IC, it produces a range of appliances for Intranet, Security and Unified Communications for the business sector. In the area of business applications, it has developed a Document Management and Workflow system called iPortalDoc.

Awarded the seal of spin-off FEUP in 2000.

To view the list of spin-offs and spin-outs from the whole FEUP world, click here.

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