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The "spin-off FEUP" seal refers to commercial enterprises created to exploit products and/or services originating from research results or activities carried out either within or in close collaboration with FEUP. These companies require a strong institutional relationship with FEUP either to enhance the value of their products/services or to promote the education and research at FEUP.

This seal may also apply to existing companies that were not initially recognized as spin-off FEUP but meet all the requirements to get it.

In any case, the process for attribution of “spin-off FEUP” seal begins with the presentation by the company of an application addressed to FEUP.

The only considered category of spin-off FEUP is the "Simple or Non-participated Spin-off" - commercial entities in which FEUP does not hold any shares, although they still require authorization from FEUP's Directorate to use the seal "Spin-off FEUP."

Spin-Off FEUP Portfolio 2023


Addvolt has developed the world’s first Plug-In Electric system for the commercial refrigerated transport sector. The technology was developed at FEUP and has already been patented in several territories, which ensures the distribution of fresh and frozen products without resorting to the use of diesel. this technology not only allows vehicles to access low-emission zones, but also thanks to the reduction of noise from trucks, enables transport companies to operate in urban areas at night, and improves the drivers’ working conditions by reducing the noise level of the vehicle and minimising vibrations in the cabin.

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Advanced Cyclone Systems

Advanced Cyclone Systems (ACS) was founded in 2008 through the CoHitec program, promoted by Cotec. ACS is specialised in developing, commercialising, and installing its own cyclonebased particle separation systems. These systems are internationally patented and were developed by ACS’ founding partner – Romualdo Salcedo – at FEUP, with the financial assistance from Armilar Venture Partners SCR.  As of now, ACS’s tech is present in more than 400 industrial plants in 37 countries, developing applications for air pollution control and recovery of powdered products.

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Amnis Pura

Amnis Pura is the first portuguese company dedicated to the development and commercialization of hydrogen purification units to produce decentralised hydrogen. The units use Pressure Swing Technology and combine the use of an innovative adsorbent with an optimised cycle, which allows high purity hydrogen to be obtained at high recovery rates. Thanks to the great versatility of these units, this technology can be used in the purification of gases from various processes including water electrolysis (drying), hydrocarbon reforming, methane decomposition, ammonia decomposition and gasification processes.

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Azitek is a tech startup located at UPTEC in Porto which offers advanced asset monitoring and tracking solutions for the logistics and manufacturing industry. Using proprietary and innovative technology, Azitek employs a combination of custom hardware and software to accurately and efficiently track returnable transport items like pallets, containers and boxes, as well as the digitisation of industrial processes such as vehicle tracking and the measurement of intra-logistics processes. Azitek makes use of adaptable and easy to implement solutions to help customers optimise operational efficiency, reduce losses, minimise downtime and make more informed decisions.

BERD - Project, Research and Bridge Engineering

BERD began operating in 2006 with research, development, and application of state-of-the-art solutions for bridge and viaduct construction methods. It is specialised in building bridge decks of longspan bridges with equipment designed to endure heavy loads, due to the incorporation of the internationally patented Organic Prestressing System (OPS). BERD’s movable scaffolding systems (concrete in-situ) and shuttles (pre-fabricated staves), incorporated with OPS, are used to build concrete bridges spanning between 20 and 120 metres.  BERD began its internationalisation in 2007 and, as of today, it is present in 5 continents.

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CARBOPORA was founded in 2021 with the objective of developing and commercialising membrane-based separation units for industrial applications. As a spin-off company from FEUP, it has a strong scientific and technological background, backed with 20 years of experience in research and development of membrane separation technology. CARBOPORA’s exclusive membrane technology is made from a green, cheap, and renewable polymeric precursor – cellulose – which finds important applications inoxygen enrichment of air,capture of CO2 from different sources and  hydrogen recovery and purification.

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Connect Robotics was founded in 2015 and offers engineering and development services in aerial robotics, plus transport systems using drones. Currently, it is focused on the health area, mainly in the transport of medicines and blood, which presents greater challenges and where the need is greater. It has extensive experience in BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) operations, with several permits obtained, including with the new European regulations. It offers a simple, flexible, secure, and reliable solution that is embedded in the delivery and movement processes of pharmacies, hospitals and analysis clinics, in a transparent and autonomous way.

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Everythink is a creative studio founded in Porto in 2008. Internationally awarded and recognised for its comprehensive approach and global vision, Everythink combines strategy, art, and technology to create new services, products and experiences tailored to its clients. Having a strong commitment to strategic design, Everythink understands the importance of aligning their clients’ business goals with their designs, hence working closely with clients around the globe on their creative processes, analysing their market, target audience and competition, in pursuance of building intelligent and effective design strategies.


FLUIDINOVA is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of synthetic nano hydroxyapatite and tricalcium phosphate materials marketed as nanoXIM. The high-quality standards of FLUIDINOVA’s products aim at providing companies around the world that operate in the industries of medical devices, oral care and food. FLUIDINOVA was created in 2005 as a spin-off from FEUP. Having Computational Fluid Dynamics as their core knowledge base, the team developed a proprietary technology – NETmix - to perform chemical reactions that require perfect mixing at a micro to nanoscale. Over time, the core business of FLUIDINOVA evolved to manufacturing and supplying nanoXIM products using the NETmix technology.

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Since its creation in January 2023, from research work conducted at FEUP, Halius’ mission is to foster a smooth transition of innovative technologies, from its proof-of-concept to its industrialisation, specifically for methane decomposing processes for production of clean hydrogen and carbon structures. By utilizing natural gas, biogas, and biomethane, Halius produces hydrogen without any harmful COx emissions, significantly reducing carbon footprints. Halius’ process generates carbon as a valuable byproduct, opening up additional revenue streams and contributing to the circular economy. When utilizing biomethane as a feedstock, Halius’ technology goes beyond carbon neutrality and becomes carbon negative, actively removing carbon from the atmosphere.

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i-sensis perfume design was created as a PhD project presented in 2005 at FEUP, in which were developed the basis for identifying the odour of a fragrance from its constituent raw materials. In the confrontation between the idea and the market, the founders soon found out, that besides needing personalised fragrances, their customers needed someone to assist them in developing products with those same fragrances. With almost 20 years of market experience, i-sensis perfume design produces a wide variety of scented products for its clients’ brands, nationally and internationally.

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Ideavity is a company mainly dedicated to the development of web and mobile applications, web design and e-commerce. Their mission is to help clients be innovative and advance their technological capabilities in the fields of E-commerce, UI/UX Design, SEO, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Digital Marketing and Robotic Automation Processes (APR).


Having been in the market for over 20 years, IPBRICK and its solutions have become an important landmark in Business Communications in Private Cloud, particularly in four major cross-cutting areas of most companies/organisations: E-mail and Collaborative Tools, Unified Communications over IP , Document and Process Management with Artificial Intelligence  and even a Digital Workplace. IPBRICK arose as an answer to several areas of intervention, based on Open Source solutions, and aiming to provide an easy, simple and accessible user IT (Information Technology) experience. IPBRICK has an important partner network that contributes to reinforcing the brand’s presence, and its own support and implementation team, prepared to help its partners and facilitate the adoption of IPBRICK solutions in final customers.


MASDIMA (Multi-Agent System for Disruption Management) is a system that aims to manage the operation of airlines, flights and monitoring the unexpected events that may affect and cause flight delays. MASDIMA is a system with a large degree of automation, distributed and autonomous with decision-making ability and learning, which replaces several existing functions in the operational control centres of the airlines. Therefore, the cost savings for an airline goes beyond those which are obtained with the optimization of solutions, allowing effective savings in the structure, and functioning of the control centre.

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Metablue Solution

Metablue Solution is a company founded in 2011 within the context of the master’s degree in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship at FEUP, and one of its main objectives is to create a projects and investment pipeline, in order to transfer original discoveries and technology into commercially relevant applications. The company’s mission is to add more and more value to the medical device field and has 3 products in its portfolio: the Digital Otoscope, the Lipotool and the Digital Laryngoscope. All these products stemmed from the joint work with FEUP’s Department of Mechanical Engineering.


MICE is a company dedicated to thermosets and composites engineering, which combines fully integrated design with production capacity up to medium series and large-sized pieces. Its expertise is focused on reaction injection moulding (RIM), a process which, when compared with conventional polymer injection moulding, allows the manufacturing of larger and more complex parts, with lower energy costs. MICE’s technology also avoids the mass production market, by being a bet on a blue market of not disposable, smaller series products, with longer life cycles. It consists of composite material injection at low pressure.

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MyGreenApp is a Portuguese startup, founded in 2021, with the mission to contribute to the decarbonization of individuals and organizations through an innovative, globally ambitious mobile application. Today's world is confronted with climate change, pollution, the destruction of natural ecosystems, ecoanxiety, and a gap between people's intentions and actions. The company's goal is to assist individuals and organizations in reducing their impact on the environment by providing them with an easy and accessible tool.

OCEANSCAN - Marine Systems & Technology

OceanScan-MST co-founders started designing, building and operating underwater vehicles and systems since 2001. During that period, a Lightweight Autonomous Underwater Vehicle prototype was awarded with a Portuguese innovation prize and the team, from Porto University, was challenged to further evolve the LAUV and create a company. In 2008, OceanScan – Marine Systems & Technology was founded as an independent and private company with the mission to design, develop, manufacture and market innovative systems for oceanographic surveys, environmental monitoring, and underwater inspection applications. Porto University strategic cooperation was key to having a competitive and unique system with a growing community of users worldwide.



OFRTECH is dedicated to commercialising Oscillatory Flow Reactor (OFR) based technology. The company has manufacturing and marketing rights over two types of oscillatory flow reactors: the Oscillatory Flow Plate Reactor (OFPR) and the Oscillatory Flow Tube Reactor (OFTR) – which arise from the need to intensify the mixing of multiphase systems in continuous industrial processes. Mixing efficiency is the key factor for the success of several processes. However problems associated with bad mixing, scale-up, product quality and process reproducibility, are typically reported. The oscillatory flow reactors developed by OFRTECH aim to overcome these limitations and reduce operating costs.

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Pixel Voltaic

Pixel Voltaic is a Spin-off company from U.PORTO created in 2018 with the goal of producing energy related technologies. The company´s mission is to promote and enable a quick transition of innovative technologies that have just reached the proof-of-concept into the market. Pixel Voltaic is developing with the University of Porto a low temperature, laser assisted process to hermetically seal glass substrates, a unique process quite relevant for encapsulating Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs) and Perovskite Solar Cells (PSCs), Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) Cells, essential for their industrialization.

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Tasty, nutritious and 100% plant-based. That’s Plantz’s take on fully plantbased ready-to-eat meals. Plantz‘s mission is to make plant-based eating incredibly convenient, affordableand a diet balanced abundant in plants and rich in nutritious, whole food ingredients. Committed to changing the frozen food paradigm and impressed with how 40% of the food purchased in the world goes to waste, Plantz developed a Deep-freezing method that helps reduce waste by extending shelf life - without preservatives. Plantz managed to freeze the meals in a few hours, so that the nutrients stick to the meals. 


Seamoretech’s technology aims to answer to the main environmental problems linked with tech for seawater desalination via reverse osmosis, thus contributing to the development of a sustainable blue economy. The brine carelessly disposed in the ocean by desalination systems has a severe negative impact on marine ecosystems.

Therefore, SEA+TECH developed cutting-edge technology which guarantees zero discharge, in other words, the stream’s mineral resources are extracted from the brine produced, which happen to be essential in various markets (construction, electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical, etc.) and are recognized as critical raw material by the EU.

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StrongStep - Innovation on Software Quality

Strongstep is a consultancy company dedicated to process improvement, with the objective of helping organizations with which it collaborates to adopt the best international management practices in software engineering and information security. Our performance is based on principles of efficiency and excellence, supported by a team with expertise in the use of best practices and through partnerships with world reference institutions.


SYSADVANCE started its activities in 2002, as a spin-off company from a university R&D laboratory with over 40 years’ experience in gas separation technology.

Today, SYSADVANCE develops and manufactures on-site gas generators and gas purifiers, as well as integrated solutions for compressed air and technical gases, with a wide portfolio of products, such as: Nitrogen Generators, Oxygen Generators, including Medical Oxygen 93 and VSA Oxygen Generators, solutions for purification of biogas, Helium, Hydrogen, as well as a wide range of customized engineered solutions.

SYSADVANCE is present in more than 50 countries and has over 4000 systems installed all over the world.

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Sysnovare - Innovative Solutions started in 2009 to help create solutions to simplify everyday life, assisting people and companies in the Information Technology (IT) field. Committed to product flexibility, promoting integrable module construction, that allows for custom-designed solutions for each client, answering to their specific needs and creating true relationships based on trust.

The solutions provided comprise of: RH SUITE, which transforms the Human Resources A to Z management model; glC Suite, a general and road traffic offences integrated management system; the Nóladge, which facilitates access to relevant information for Higher Education institutions and also Human Resources Outsourcing, a set of specialized services and support platform.


The organization of transport systems and land use are in the genesis of TRENMO since its beginnings. Its core business is focused on transport network design, although in recent years it has broadened its approach to integrate various components stemming from a change of paradigm.

More than 15 years of experience with diverse projects has invariably resulted in implementations that gave a profound impact on various communities. TRENMO has been gaining precious experience in monitoring the implementation of the solutions that are considered one of the key elements to reach the defined objectives and that has been a big contribution to define its brand image.

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Visblue was founded through FEUP, more precisely through the research conducted by LEPABE and Aarhus University (Denmark) in 2014.
VisBlue produces and sells cost-effective local storage systems for photovoltaic electricity in residential buildings. The storage systems’ goal is to improve energy use efficiency, making it easier to introduce renewable energy sources in residential areas / condominiums. The company has a multidisciplinary team with competencies in redox flow battery technology, power electronics conversion and control.

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> Wisify is dedicated to body composition assessment. Its focus is on the high-level sports and research market segment. It works with Lipowise, a tool created for helping professionals do and follow the evolution of this assessment, mainly in segments where adipometers are better, such as pregnant women screening or sports. It is an intelligent system, as well as a quick and portable way, for conducting body assessment and anthropometric measurements.



Because of Covid, it had to be created a spin-off of Wisify Tech Solutions, and so Gripwise Tech was founded to develop Gripwise technology. It is a mobile app and cloud-based system, based on a patented dynamometer. This is a portable integrated solution, capable of gathering data for strength assessments and strength profiling of different muscle groups, enabling a simple, remote workflow. Gripwise’s market is focused on active ageing and on a quantified and gamified way of physical rehabilitation, at a distance.



3Decide is a leading software house specialized in cutting-edge visual solutions for the 21st century.

With over 10 years of experience and 100+ successful projects under 3Decide’s belt, it brings a wealth of expertise to every endeavour.

3Decide’s focus extends to three key areas: immersive experiences, that bring businesses and organizations to the metaverse with state-of-the-art technology like 3D models, interactive maps, and 360º media; visual information systems, developing solutions that simplify workflows, enhance data insights, and improve technical documentation and interactive experiences, that cater to the evolving digital landscape, fusing innovative technologies such as sensors, virtual reality, and video mapping.

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