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FEUP's Strategic Plan for 2005-2009


To provide education and training in the field of Engineering on par with that provided internationally, taking into account technical, ethical and cultural factors, based on Research and Development of excellence, with a regional focus but of globally renowned quality, and on outreach activities of recognized quality.


FEUP wants to be recognized, nationally and internationally, as a reference among Schools of Engineering, both on the training and on the research level, and considers the intellectual, scientific and technical potential of its human resources the main means for achieving this goal.

FEUP graduates must be competitive in the global labour market and agents of change in the entrepreneurial network. To that end, besides providing its graduates with a solid technical and scientific training, FEUP will work to prepare them for professional success by providing them with a set of personal, interpersonal and professional skills which includes problem solving skills and skills for the development, design, implementation and operation of enterpreneurial systems. FEUP will also promote the values of intellectual integrity, responsibility and solidarity.

FEUP will act with its globally recognized quality in all of its knowledge-related activities, from basic research to technical prototyping and technology transfer, directly or through national or international partnerships, entrepreneurial or institutional. FEUP with devote particular attention to the dissemination of science and technology to the public.

FEUP's outreach activities aim to be an essential contribution to the development of the surrounding environment.

Strategic Objective 1

Recognizing that the main component of its mission is to train engineering professionals of recognized quality and competence, FEUP will consolidate and reinforce its position among the best European Schools of Engineering.

Sub-Objective 1(a)

Given the fundamental role of pre-graduate education in society and for the external recognition of the institution, FEUP will develop its undergraduate degree programmes in order to appeal to the best students. This will be done by updating the content of the courses, by creating a cultural environment favourable to the all-round training of the students, by paying particular attention to the quality of teaching and also by diversifying the programmes, offering to outstanding students the advantages and opportunities only available in environments where excellence is the standard.

Sub-Objective 1(b)

Conscious of the increasingly decisive role of education in a person's professional life, FEUP will broaden its postgraduate training, both for second and third cycle studies and for continuing education. FEUP will try to progressively integrate its approach to training into a coherent approach emphasizing lifelong training, by offering more flexible content, configuration and timetable options.

Strategic Objective 2

Recognizing the fundamental role of R&D activities, namely as the foundations of quality education, FEUP will try to attain a position of distinction in R&D, nationally and internationally.

Strategic Objective 3

Recognizing the vital importance of computing and information resources for the teaching/learning process, R&D and management, FEUP will ensure the continuous development of the capacity, quality and accessibility of these resources.

Sub-Objective 3(a)

FEUP will ensure the continuous updating and broad accessibility of its computing resources. It will also promote synergies between Departments and Services to strengthen in-house expertise and catalyse innovation, becoming a reference in its field, regionally and nationally.

Sub-Objective 3(b)

Given the strategic importance of information for the teaching process, R&D and outreach activities, FEUP will develop infrastructures and information services that will become a reference, regionally and nationally. This will be done through the joint, coordinated action of its Services and Departments and through cooperation with external institutions.

Strategic Objective 4

Recognizing the vital importance of the correct use of available resources for the fulfilment of its mission, FEUP will manage its assets and its human and financial resources in a modern, professional and effective way.

Sub-Objective 4(a)

Given the crucial role of its resource management, FEUP will adopt the most effective and efficient management model for the use of its resources.

Sub-Objective 4(b)

Considering the importance of the intellectual, scientific and technological potential of its human resources, FEUP will define and disseminate the criteria to be followed for hiring and promoting its teaching, research, technical, administrative and auxiliary staff, and it will provide training courses appropriate for their duties, ensuring that they are constantly updated. FEUP will also try to continuously ensure that the most competent and committed amongst its staff are afforded the conditions and opportunities for career progression.

Sub-Objective 4(c)

As a complement to the limited financial resources it is allocated by the State Budget, FEUP will look for alternative sources of financing that will enable it to meet its strategic objectives.

Strategic Objective 5

Recognizing that FEUP’s connection to the surrounding environment is an important aspect of its activities, FEUP will strengthen its relationship with the surrounding community.

Sub-Objective 5(a)

Considering the mutual benefits that arise from close relationships with companies and other institutions, FEUP will progressively increase its outreach activities, particularly through the rendering of services and the development of R&D projects with companies from the industrial, services and commercial sectors, as well as with public entities.

Sub-Objective 5(b)

Realizing society's growing interest in the results of the application of the means FEUP places at the disposal of the institutions it supports, FEUP will develop a broader and more effective process to account for its activities.

Strategic Objective 6

Recognizing the special importance of the internationalisation of FEUP's activities to the fulfilment of its mission, FEUP will further develop its cooperation with institutions of renowned international prestige, both at the teaching and at the R&D level. FEUP will also strengthen its cooperation with Schools of Engineering from Portuguese-speaking countries.

Strategic Objective 7

Recognizing that a good image is an important factor in the creation of a strong school spirit, stimulating the interest of potential students and contributing to the school's standing in the community, FEUP will invest in the creation of a strong, consistent and appealing image.

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