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Returning Home

To complete your mobility period successfully, there are some procedures you should follow before your departure.

Mobility Period Statement

If your University requires a statement confirming the date when you finish your mobility period, you may request this document from FEUP's Cooperation Office during office hours. You should do so at least two to three working days before you return to your country and clearly indicate which of these two documents you need:

  1. Mobility Period Statement: this document indicates your arrival date (which is the date when you registered at the University’s central International Office) and the completion date of your mobility period (which is the date when you finished your period of studies at FEUP; i.e. the date of the last presentation given, exam taken or assignment submitted — not the date when you leave Porto)
  2. Academic Period Statement: this document indicates the dates of the beginning and the end of the semester/academic year that you were enrolled in FEUP and thereby certifies your registration during that period.

Transcript of Records

When the study period ends, and the student checks on SIFEUP webpage that all his/her grades were properly published by the Teachers, the student must send an e-mail to FEUP?s Cooperation Division requesting the issue of his/her Transcript of Records (incoming@fe.up.pt).
At that time FEUP's Cooperation Division will send a digital copy to the student by e-mail, and the original by post directly to the Home University. This document will contain information about the subjects you have attended and the corresponding grades you have obtained. As soon as we send this document to your Home University, we will inform you by e-mail.

For more detailed information concerning the grading system used at FEUP/University of Porto (Local Grades and ECTS Grades), please send an e-mail to incoming@fe.up.pt 

Survey about your stay

Since it is our goal to make your time at FEUP as pleasant and fruitful as possible, we kindly ask each mobility student to fill in a survey that will be sent by e-mail. The data gathered from it is extremely useful for FEUP's Cooperation Division, since it will contribute to an assessment and improvement of all the procedures related to student exchange.

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