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FEUP in Figures - 2009

Academic Community

Students (2009/2010)

Students1 7022
Undergraduate students 163
Master’s (Integrated 1st and 2nd cycles) students 5746
Master’s students 421
3rd cycle students 692

Staff (31/12/2009)

Teaching staff 543
FTE (full-time equivalent) teaching staff 442.4
Researchers 33
FTE non-academic staff2 315.3

Teaching staff holding a PhD degree 71.4%
FTE non-academic staff/FTE teaching staff ratio 0.71
FTE students3/FTE teaching staff ratio 15.0

1 - Includes programmes in partnership with other Higher Education institutions

2 – Does not include piece work contracts

3 – Includes FTE students who enrolled in 2009/2010 in 1st and 2nd cycle studies or in year 1 of doctoral programmes. Includes the number of FTE teaching staff in December 2009


Programmes (2009/2010)

Degree programmes
Undergraduate programmes 3
Master ‘s (integrated 1st and 2nd cycles) programmes 9
Master’s programmes 8
PhD programmes 19
Non-degree programmes
Specialisations and Advanced studies programmes 5
Stand-alone training units 10
Training units from FEUP programmes 135

Admissions (2009/2010)

Number of applicants per place available (1st phase)* 6.2
Applicants admitted to their first choice programme (1st phase)* 62%
New students enrolled in Master’s (integrated 1st and 2nd cycles) programmes 1372
Average admission grade 16.5
New students enrolled in Master’s programmes 226
New students enrolled in PhD programmes 194

(*) This data cannot be compared to the 2008/2009 data, because it only refers to the 1st phase of the general applications.

Graduations (2008/2009)

Master’s (integrated 1st and 2nd cycles) programmes 736
Master’s programmes 225
PhD programmes 57

Employability (2008/2009)

Students employed before graduation 38%
Students employed 6 months after graduation 89%

Internacionalization (2009/2010)

Mobility students - IN 208
Mobility students - OUT 250
International* students in Master’s (integrated 1st and 2nd cycles) programmes 132
International* students in Master’s programmes 35
International* students in PhD programmes 113

(*) Does not include students in mobility programmes.

Research and Technological Development (2009)

R&D units/Associate laboratories 12
Network of Excellence 1
Scientific publications indexed to the ISI Web of Science 444
Scientific publications indexed to the ISI Web of Science per FTE PhD holder 1.1
FCT projects beginning in 2009 7 *
European projects beginning in 2009 17 *

(*) The above values do not include projects managed by the institutes.

Technology Transfer (2009)

Patent applications filed in 2009 14
Spin-off companies created in 2009 2


Physical Resources (2009)

Campus area 84 400 m2
Green spaces 23 000 m2
Constructed gross area 25 838 m2
Departments 9
Teaching labs 77
Number of computers for teaching 1200
Investment in lab equipment 1.14 M¤

Financial Resources (2009)

State budget 33.9 M¤
Income from private sources 16 M¤

FEUP Impact (2009)

Economic impact in the Porto municipality 35.6 M¤
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