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Upon Arrival


at UP's Rectorate

As soon you know your date of arrival in Porto and before departure, you should access schedule online your registration meeting (schedule an appointment at the International Office). The attendance to this meeting is the first important step you must accomplish after your arrival! 
To schedule it please access: www.international.up.pt 
Address: Praça Gomes Teixeira (near the “Lions” square)


Students should arrive at FEUP at least one week before the classes starting date to participate in FEUP's Orientation Days.
To those who participate, the registration will be made during the Check In activitiy.

If students cannot be here on time and arrive later, they should present themselves at FEUP's Cooperation Unit (COOP).
Address: Rua Dr. Roberto Frias - Room A215
Office hours: from monday to thursday from 9.30 am to 12.45 pm

Mobility Period Statement

If your University demands a statement which confirms the date of your arrival at FEUP, you may request this document from the Cooperation Unit Office at FEUP during the office days ans hours.

The date of arrival is taken as the day when the student registers at SRI (the central International Office of the University of Porto).

Regarding a statement wich confirms the date of departure, the student should require it at least 2 to 3 working days before the real date of departure (the day of the last academic activity at the Faculty).

Changes to the Initial Learning Agreement

Please respect these deadlines for making any changes to your Learning Agreement:

Subjects from the 1st semester: to be defined

Subjects from the 2nd semester: by 25th of February

If you intend to change anything from the initial Learning Agreement, you must formalize the procedure by following these instructions:

  1. Since any change to the Learning Agreement must be accepted by both institutions, we advise you first to get in touch by email with the professor at your University who is responsible for your mobility period, to confirm whether he/she agrees with the changes you want to propose.
  2. Get previous permission for the changes from the new unit course(s) Mobility Coordinator(s) at FEUP. Please also contact the correspondent Departement Secretariat to confirm vacancies and schedules. If unit courses are only deleted then just visit the correspondent Department Secretariat to cancel your registration.
  3. If all the Mobility Coordinator(s) agree with your proposal, you need to formalize it in the Mobility System by re-accessing your University of Porto application form. Having accessed the application form with your existing login and password (the same you used on your initial application), create the Changes Form. For detailed instructions on how to do this, please refer to the online application guide.
  4. Having completed the Changes form you must save it, print it/download it (you dont have to send it to your Home University to be signed and stamped since we assume that the changes are being performed with their prior knoledge and permission). After you print it you must sign it and deliver it to FEUP's Cooperation Unit (either on person or scanned by e-mail). 
  5. Note that having get the previous consent of the Mobility(s) Coordinator(s), you may and should already start attending the lectures of the added unit courses even before the process has been completely formalized, since it is important that the first classes are not missed.

Extension of study period

Only students who are attending the 1st semester and wish to stay for the 2nd semester can formalize a request to extend the study period. This procedure does not apply to students who are already registered for the whole academic year. Students who are performing a mobility only during the 2nd semester cannot propose an extension, since they are already attending the 2nd/last part of the academic year.

Requirements to formalize the procedure:

  • First of all, the student should get the formal agreement of the teacher/coordinator responsible for mobility programs at the Home Institution;
  • Having obtained that agreement, the student must then formalize the request by submitting in U.Porto Online Application Page the following changes to the current Learning Agreement:

-- Type of change: Extension of the studies period

-- Period of classes: Yearly

-- Then had the study plan proposal for the 2nd semester (please consult the Online User Guide in order to remember how to add disciplines)

-- Then save, print/download the PDF. Changes form, sign it and send it to the Home Institution, for signature(s) and stamp(s).

Deadline to formalize the extension request:

The proposal to extend the study period in the U.Porto Online system is the 15th of November and the correspondent Form, signed by the student and also signed and stamped by the Home Institution, must be delivered to FEUP’s Cooperation Unit (room A215 or incoming@fe.up.pt) until the 30th of November.

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