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Applications and New Services

Code: MM0050     Acronym: ANS

Classification Keyword
OFICIAL Communication Technology

Instance: 2017/2018 - 2S Ícone do Moodle

Active? Yes
Responsible unit: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Course/CS Responsible: Master in Multimedia

Cycles of Study/Courses

Acronym No. of Students Study Plan Curricular Years Credits UCN Credits ECTS Contact hours Total Time
MM 5 Syllabus 1 - 6 45 162

Teaching - Hours

Recitations: 3,00
Type Teacher Classes Hour
Recitations Totals 1 3,00
Eurico Manuel Elias de Morais Carrapatoso 1,50
Maria Teresa Magalhães da Silva Pinto de Andrade 1,50

Teaching language

Suitable for English-speaking students


The aim of this UC is that students become knowledgeable in a number of new applications and services in the area of multimedia and acquire skills to analyze and design in some detail a service or application in particular. They should also do some development work to prove the concept.

Learning outcomes and competences

To successfully conclude this UC students should be able to show they that are capable of:

  • Identifying opportunities for offering new services / multimedia applications

  • Analyzing the state of the art in terms of offerings and related technologies for implementation

  • Designing the architecture of these services / applications

  • Proving its feasibility through a prototype.

Working method



New multimedia applications and services. Techniques for developing distributed applications and services. Presentation and discussion of the subjects chosen by each student for his work. Identification and analysis of relevant related projects. Setting goals and generic architectures of applications / services chosen. Refinement of the applications / services. Design of the demonstrator prototypes. Discussion of the low fidelity interfaces. Implementation of prototypes. Presentation of the reports and prototypes of applications / services.

Mandatory literature

Leszek A. Maciaszek; Requirements analysis and system design. ISBN: 0-201-70944-9
Alan Cooper, Robert Reimann, and Dave Cronin; About Face 3. ISBN: 978-0-470-08411-3
Cooper, Alan, Reimann, Robert, Cronin, David ; New media design , Wiley Publishing Inc., 2006

Teaching methods and learning activities

Initially the relevant theoretical concepts for the development and evaluation of applications / services are introduced.

Follows a presentation phase of the 'state of the art' and of proposals of applications / services chosen.

Applications / services are then developed and demonstrated in the end . A report is also produced.

Evaluation Type

Distributed evaluation without final exam

Assessment Components

Designation Weight (%)
Participação presencial 33,00
Trabalho escrito 33,00
Trabalho laboratorial 34,00
Total: 100,00

Amount of time allocated to each course unit

Designation Time (hours)
Elaboração de projeto 52,00
Elaboração de relatório/dissertação/tese 20,00
Estudo autónomo 45,00
Frequência das aulas 45,00
Total: 162,00

Calculation formula of final grade

Formula Evaluation: 1/3 participation in the classes + 1/3 demonstrator+ 1/3 final report
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