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Application for Single Curricular Units - 2nd semester 2019/2020

Applications until 3rd February - extended until 17th February 2020

Both internal and external applicants who are interested in obtaining or deepening their knowledge in the fields of study offered by U.Porto can attend single curricular units, through registration, provided they have the qualifications or comply with the conditions for admission set out in the Regulation on the attendance of single curricular units of the courses and cycles of studies of the University of Porto (only available in Portuguese).

Applications for attending 2nd semester single curricular units takes place until 3rd February 2020 (extended until 17th February 2020).

Attendance of a single curricular unit is subject to the payment of a fee that corresponds to 1/5 of the annual tuition fee of the cycle of studies the curricular unit forms part of (UP table of fees).

In order to apply for single curricular units, you must fill in and submit the form below (you can apply for a maximum of 5 single curricular units by this means). If you wish to apply for more curricular units beyond those 5, you must do so by sending an e-mail to acesso.ingresso@fe.up.pt .

Obs.: Application for single curricular units for applicants outside FEUP must follow the procedure set out at Registration for Single Curricular Units.

List of Single Curricular Units that can be attended in a single regime in 2019/2020.

The result of the application will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the form and to the student's institutional e-mail.

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