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Digital Games Design Summer School

From June 17th to July 5th, at FEUP

Within the Digital Media Summer Institute 2013 we present the Digital Games Design Summer School by Bruce Pennycook from the University of Texas at Austin, to be held at the Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto from June 17th to July 5th.

The course will focus on using a game engine to design and develop a digital game. Students will employ the GameSalad game engine to design the game and other open source software to create the graphics and audio.
Students will explore the distinct tasks involved in digital game design to create an entertainment game that explores a specific narrative.

The first two weeks include classes in the morning and lab work in the afternoon. The final week is devoted to free project work, with final project presentations at the end of the week.

Fee: 35 ¤ (includes course, coffee breaks, access to course materials and resources, and course certificate)

The number of seats is limited, so pre-registration is required via the form below, until Monday, June 10th.
On Tuesday, June 11th, participants will be informed of acceptance or non-acceptance of registration.

The selected participants will be requested to formalize their registration until Thursday, June 13th.

Registration here.

- Pre-registration (this form): until Monday, June 10th
- Communication of registration acceptance: Tuesday, June 11th
- Registration confirmation and payment: until Thursday, June 13th

This Summer School is supported by the UT Austin|Portugal Program.

For any queries: secdei@fe.up.pt

Disclose your events and projects by e-mail noticias@fe.up.pt. Find out more about our services in SICC site.
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