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Porto Communication Higher Education Staff Week - Fostering Community

20 a 24 de maio | FEUP



May 20th (Monday)
09:00 am Check-in
10:00 am Icebreak  & Presentation
11:00 am Coffee Break
11:30 am Icebreak & Presentation
01:00 pm Lunch (@FEUP)
02:30 pm Leonardo Ortega (@FEUP)
“Harmonizing Horizons: Cultivating Cohesion through Integration and Communication”
04:30 pm FEUP Campus Tour

May 21st (Tuesday)
09:00 am Ghislaine Tamisier (@FEUP)
“Cultivating Inclusive Campuses: Developing Intercultural Skills for Teaching, Research and Support Staff”
10:30 am Coffee Break
11:30 am Workshops (@FEUP)
Workshop A – Vitor Carvalho “Unlocking opportunities: accessibility and digital inclusion”
Workshop B – Joana Bailão “Impactful collaboration: Enhancing community connections through volunteer projects”
12:30 am Lunch (@FEUP)
02:30 pm Sara Rodrigues (@FEUP)
“Bridging the gap between academia and industry: strategies for effective communication”
03:30 pm Mário Ribeiro (@FEUP)
“The University as a hub: collaborative communication for migrant support services”
07:00 pm Dinner (@FEUP)
09:00 pm Concert (@FEUP)
“Symphony of connection”

May 22nd (Wednesday)
09:15 am Job Shadowing
Natixis / Lionesa
12:30 am Lunch (City Centre)
02:00 pm Visit to the U. Porto Rectory (City Centre)
03:30 pm Porto Cultural Visit (City Centre)
08:00 pm Gala Dinner (City Centre)

May 23rd (Thursday)
09:30 am Isabel Geriante and Catarina Noronha
“Building stronger teams: the role of communication and employer branding”
10:30 am Coffee Break
12:00 am Final Considerations
12:30 am Lunch
02:00 Free Time

May 24th (Friday)
Full-day Tour to Aveiro
Optional Pogram

Divulgue os seus eventos e projetos através do e-mail: noticias@fe.up.pt. Saiba mais sobre os nossos serviços no site dos SICC.
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