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Registration for the academic year 2021/2022

Registration for the academic year - from 10th to 20th September - DEADLINE EXTENDED UNTIL 22nd SEPTEMBER


This timeframe does not apply to students who transition from Integrated Masters to the new cycles of studies (New Bachelors and New Masters) which result from the adaptation of Integrated Masters. Soon we will disclose the timeframe and procedure for renewal of the registration for these students.

Registration for the academic year is valid upon submission of the registration form, which automatically changes the status to "A frequentar" (Attending).

Registering for classes does not exempt students from registering for curricular units and has no effect on its own.


Registration must be done ONLINE from 10th to 20th September 2021 - DEADLINE EXTENDED UNTIL 22nd SEPTEMBER.

If you have any questions/issues, please send an e-mail to acesso.ingresso@fe.up.pt and indicate your student’s number or call the Academic Services.

Registrations made after this deadline are subject to the payment of a fee for the practice of acts after the deadline, as set out in the UP table of fees:

- From 23rd to 29th September: ¤22.00
- From 30th September to 7th October: ¤55.00

Students can pay the fee for the practice of acts after the deadline by generating an ATM reference on their current account, or at FEUP’s Treasury. After settling the fee, they can access the information system and register for curricular units.

It is possible to change the registration for curricular units (cancel and/or register for) within the following timeframes:

- Changes to 1st and 2nd semester and yearly curricular units:
from 21st September to 30th October 2021;
- Changes to 2nd semester curricular units: from 21st February to 23rd March 2022.

Doctoral Programme students who have enrolled between January and June must check the following procedure.

Important information regarding your academic life at FEUP

1. Students taking examinations on the special examination period for completion of the cycle of studies or on the special examination period for students with special status have 10 working days from the date of publication of their last grade to regularise/adjust their registration for curricular units.

2. Students can only register for curricular units of a given curricular year after having registered (mandatory) for all of the curricular units of preceding curricular years.

3. Students can choose one of the following regimes:

- Full-time students can register at the University of Porto for up to 75 ECTS per academic year, with a maximum of 42 ECTS per semester, (see the Regulation on the maximum number of credits a student can register for in each academic year and semester - only available in Portuguese).
In the year of completion of their cycle of studies, the annual limit can go up to 81 ECTS and up to 48 ECTS per semester in the cases where, with the approval of that limit, the student may complete the cycle of studies.
At FEUP, students can also register for curricular units up to 81 ECTS per academic year if they are registered in more than one cycle of studies/continuing training (they must not exceed the limit of 75 ECTS in their cycle of studies at FEUP, except in the year of completion of their cycle of studies).

- Part-time - students can register part-time as indicated in the following table:

Number of ECTS credits of the part-time registration
-Up to 18 ECTS credits
-From 19 to 37.5 ECTS credits
-From 38 to 40.5 ECTS credits*
-Registration exclusively for non-curricular components - research work and the writing of dissertation, thesis, internship or project, and corresponding reports

* Only for students who have all the necessary registrations for the duration of the cycle of studies and who may complete it in the year/semester corresponding to these limits, as approved in the meeting of the Board of Deans of 6th November 2017.

Regulation for Part-time Student Regime of the University of Porto – only available in Portuguese

Rules for Full-time/Part-time Registration

Note: Language training is not taken into account for these ECTS limits.

For curricular units regarding research work and the writing of dissertation, thesis, internship or project, and corresponding reports, for which the number of ECTS exceeds the limit set out, this limit may be exceeded, however, the corresponding to two part-time registrations per curricular year will be taken into account for the purposes of minimum time for delivery of dissertation, thesis, internship or project, and respective reports.

During the period for registration (until 20th September) and during the period for changes to 1st semester curricular units, students can change their attendance regime (from full-time to part-time, or vice versa) in accordance with the information in paragraph 8 of the Registration Procedure below.
Student workers can also request the change from full-time to part-time regime at the beginning of the second semester.

The Regulation for Part-time Student Regime of the University of Porto does not apply to advanced studies.

4. Master’s students who wish to register for Dissertation at the beginning of the academic year will need to have enough ECTS credits to register for all curricular units they have pending to complete the cycle of studies in that academic year.
In order to be able to access the special examination periods for completion of the cycle of studies, students not only have to be registered for those curricular units but must also comply with the remaining requirements set out.

5. Mobility OUT students cannot register at FEUP for curricular units included in their academic recognition commitment, or for curricular units of the mobility semester. However, the ECTS limit specified in paragraph 3 still applies.

6. Please see information about:

- Enrolment/Registration

Grants and Incentives

- Special Educational Needs

- Special Status and Conditions

- Certification - Including information regarding the SUB23 declaration

- Credit Transfer

Registration Procedure - How to register online

1. Log into the information system (SIGARRA) with your username and password.

2. Then, click on the button "Access Registrations" available at the bottom of this information page.

3. After accessing the registration module, answer the surveys that are automatically displayed and complete the information requested in each step of the registration form.

4. Choose the attendance regime (full-time/part-time) and the number of instalments of the tuition fees payment plan.

5. Select the curricular units.
If the study plan for your cycle of studies allows the registration for any curricular unit of the University of Porto, you will have to select the option "Incluir unidade curricular" (Include curricular unit) from the option box (right hand side of the screen) to see all the curricular units with places available at U.Porto. After including the desired curricular unit, you will have to select and submit it in the registration proposal in order for the registration to come into effect. If the study plan allows the possibility to register for more than one curricular unit of the University of Porto, you must repeat this step.

6. At the end, the system will display the tuition fees payment plan that applies to you. You must access your current account to pay tuition fees and school insurance.

7. After completing the procedure, you should print the registration form using the option on the right hand side of the page.

8. In the student’s registration proposal, an option entitled "Alterar regime de inscrição" (Change registration regime) is displayed in the options box on the right hand side of the page, allowing you to change the regime (not applicable to Advanced Studies) during the registration period and during the period for changes to 1st semester curricular units.
After changing the regime you must check your current account.

Payment of tuition fees

Tuition Fees Regulation of the University of Porto (only available in Portuguese)

Tuition fee amounts for 2021/2022

For more information about tuition fees, see the Students’ information page.

The first instalment of the tuition fees and the school insurance must be paid upon/on the day of registration, preferably by using the ATM references that can be generated in your current account (see "Procedure to generate ATM references") or at FEUP’s Treasury.
It is not possible to pay tuition fees via PayPal.

Payments from abroad must be made by bank transfer, at payer’s expenses, using the information in the attached document.

Then, you must send proof of the bank transfer to tesouraria@fe.up.pt, with the following data:
- name of the payer and the name of the student, as well as the purpose of the payment (tuition fee, school insurance, etc.).

If you would like the invoice to be issued for a company, you must send an email to tesouraria@fe.up.pt.

If you have applied for a grant in this academic year, during the registration process you must select the institution you applied for. You will have a period of 30 days to present the proof of application for grant (applicants for SASUP grants do not have to present this proof). To do so, access the tab "Percurso académico" (Academic path) on your personal page, select "Comprovativo de pedido de bolsa de estudos" (Proof of application for study grant) on the right hand side, and upload the scanned document.

Students covered by special cases for tuition fees must deliver the relevant documents at Academic Services, by the end of the registration deadline.

Procedure to generate ATM references

1. Click on the button MB next to the amount (tuition fee instalment or school insurance) you intend to pay.
2. Confirm the data displayed and click "Atribuir" (Assign), and the associated reference will be automatically generated.
3. If you click "Voltar à conta corrente" (Back to current account), you will see the reference generated.
4. You must repeat the previous steps for each amount you intend to pay (tuition fee instalment or school insurance).
5. If you wish to pay the whole tuition fee or more than one instalment, you must select the number of instalments desired and click "Atribuir" (Assign), and the associated reference will be automatically generated.

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