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Master in Environmental Engineering

Syllabus since 2006/07

Academic year:

  1st Year
1st Semester
EMG0002AM IMathematical Analysis I6
EA0009IEAIntroduction to Environmental Engineering4,5
EA0007QA IEnvironmental Chemistry I6
FEUP002PFProject FEUP1,5
EA0010LIInformatics Laboratory6
2nd Semester
EMG0007AM IIMathematical Analysis II6
EA0012QA IIEnvironmental Chemistry II6
EA0061LCA IEnvironmental Sciences Laboratories I6
EA0019FIPhysics I6

  5th Year
1st Semester
EA0070APPreliminary Project12
EA0046DLAEnvironmental Law and Legislation3
Grupo de Alternativa 1
Elective Courses - 2nd Group
2nd Semester
Grupo de Alternativa 1

Tipo de Classificação: OFICIAL

Unidades curriculares pertencentes às áreas científicas definidas na(s) estrutura(s) curricular(es) ativa(s) neste ano letivo

  Physical Sciences (Physics)

  Physical Sciences (Mathematics)

  Physical Sciences (Chemistry)

  Natural Sciences (Biological Sciences)

  Social Sciences - Industrial Management

  Technological Sciences

  Technological Sciences (Project Engineering)

  Earth Sciences

  Environmental Sciences

  Safety Technology

Unidades curriculares pertencentes a áreas científicas não definidas na(s) estrutura(s) curricular(es) ativa(s) neste ano letivo

  Interp/Personal professional attitudes and capac.

  Personal and Interpersonal Skills

  Basic Sciences

  Social Science

  Engineering Sciences

  Engineering Sciences

  Design, Development, Implementation and Operation

  Personal and Communicational Development

  Civil Engineering

  Environmental Management


  Safety and Hygiene Engineering

  Tec., Appl. Sci., Proj.,Econ., Management and Org.

  Environmental Technologies

  Technologies, Applied Sciences, Project

  Complementary Area
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