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Master in Spatial Planning and Urban Project

General information

Official Code: M520
Acronym: MPPU

1) The Master Programme in Spatial Planning and Urban Project (MPSPUP) includes a teaching component – master course – with 60 ECTS and the preparation of a master thesis with 60 ECTS. The teaching component comprises seven mandatory curricular units (five units in the 1st semester - “Planning System and Territorial Management”, “Urban and Metropolitan Policies”, “Planning Transports and Mobility”, “Urban Forms and Structures” e “Urban Environment Quality and Planning”; two units in the 2nd semester - “Urban Project Studio” and “Seminar in Planning”) and two optional units in the 2nd semester). The optional units must be chosen among the ones designated as “Optional” in the Study Plan.

2) According the National Classification of Education and Training Areas, the area of the DPTS is: "Engineering and similar techniques".


  • Master in Spatial Planning and Urban Project (120 ECTS credits)
  • Specialization in Spatial Planning and Urban Project (60 ECTS credits)

Courses Units

Urban Forms and Structures

MPPU004 - ECTS Provide students with a knowledge of the morphology, the tissue and the urban structure and also analyzing the qualities of urban design, urban project and urban composition in its various dimensions, aiming to qualify the network of public spaces in the light of the main themes of the international debate such as age-friendly city, accessibility for all, inclusive urban design, smart city. The context of these themes is the consolidated contemporary city, in the perspective of competitiveness and sustainability.

In particular, we intend to analyze the relative importance of programs and spatial design  proposals for the resolution of the problems which are presented in urban morphological units which traditionally or currently constitute important places of citizenship interaction in outdoor space.

The analysis involves the diagnosis of major existing problems in these urban outdoor spaces, and the evaluation of the effects of the implementation of specific programs and various spatial projects in solving these problems.

Urban Environment Quality and Planning

The planning practice requires a solid background on environmental quality, both from an urbanistic and a biogeophysical perspective.

To educate, promote awareness and training for observation, planning and management of urban spaces. Promote the understanding of the nature of the major environmental issues in urban areas in order to preserve the overall ecological balance of cities and metropolitan areas.

Planning Transports and Mobility

Increase the general knowledge of the students in the field of transportation. 

Urban and metropolitan Policies


Spatial Planning System

MPPU001 - ECTS Provide the students with a deep knowledge of the Portuguese spatial planning system, from the point of view of its conception and from the point of view of its practice, including the perception of the European context. To develop capacities of critical analysis of the conditions of development of spatial plans and of the necessary articulation between scales of planning and between sectoral and territorial perspectives and policies. To develop capacities of professional action in the field of territorial management.

Urban Project Studio

MPPU006 - ECTS The objectives of this Course relate to the need to provide Master's students of advanced knowledge about the urban qualities and biogeophysical qualities of cities and metropolitan areas, and understand the specific role of planning in its environmental recovery and balance ecosystem. The observation capabilities and interpretation of urban phenomena will be developed, as well as diagnosis and prescription of patologies and environmental conflicts in urban and metropolitan areas. Also, skills for the use of planning tools as privileged vehicles of environmental policies will be developed.

Urban Mobility Management

MPPU011 - ECTS The main objectives of this curricular unit are to equip students with theoretical and practical skills regarding the management of passengers mobility in urban areas, in the current context of the city and metropolitan mobility problems, and with technical skills of analysis and decision support in the management of mobility in urban environments. The aim is to provide students with data analyzing and processing skills for the management of urban mobility problems and raise their critical sense regarding mobility problems and common bad practices in current mobility management.

Urban Spaces Management

MPPU008 - ECTS It focuses on presenting and discussing the debate on urban space production, following a methodology based on three phases:
(i) perception of urban spaces ,
(ii) review of recent history of urbanism and of the main utopias from the past 
(iii) interpretation of the forms and tendencies of the process of urban production in the various dimensions, and debate on better urban spaces looking at the current debates in urban planning.

Location Models and Real-Estate Market


Planning Seminar


GIS in Environmental Planning

MPPU010 - ECTS It is intended that students understand the particularities of the GIS structure and that they are entitled to conceive spatial models.
It is expected that students acquire skills in identification of environmental problems, their relationship with the occupation of the territory and with the urban form and the type of "solutions" available for environmental problems mitigation.
It is also objective of the present Curricular Unit the development of technical skills in the field of sustainability that will be incorporated in their professional activity and that they are entitled to make an assessment of the sustainability of spatial plans, in particular, detailed plans and land division schemes.

Dissertation in Spatial Planning and Urban Project


The development of the Master Thesis should take into account the following goals:
- Acquiring knowledge in a particular area of Spatial Planning and Urban Design, using the research activity, innovation or development of professional skills.

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