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Master in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship

General information

Official Code: 6175
Acronym: MIET
Description: NEW | COTEC MUDA Dissertation Competition 2016 - MIETEgot 3 ranked among the TOP 10 out of 75dissertations in the competition. The dissertation by Poliana Pires (MIETE2013/15), although not the winner, was ranked among the TOP 3 (more information here).

(In this link we have a pdf with all the application information, ranking criteria and timeline for applications)

Our Value Proposition

This programme promotes an integrated training of managers and entrepreneurs through a practical training (hands-on-approach). It is based on solid theoretical concepts and on a permanent and professional supervision, which enable the development of skills and knowledge in order to produce an efficient knowledge and innovation management in new businesses. These high potential new businesses may be developed in existing companies or by starting new companies.

This programme offers:
i) integrated training in the processes of innovation and commercialisation of technology;
ii) the promotion of creation of technology-based businesses;
iii) privileged access to the available technology at the University of Porto to start a business;
iv) student orientation based on real cases, during the whole process of starting new businesses;
v) the support of experienced professors and businessmen in the start of a Portuguese or international business;
vi) the integration of diverse valences and competences in multidisciplinary teams.


  • Master Programme in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship (120 ECTS credits)
  • Specialization in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship (78 ECTS credits)

Courses Units

Technology Commercialization


The focus of this course is on high technology, particularly radical innovation, which emerge from academia/science. An effective method of technology transfer can produce:

  •   Technological products in the form of licenses or rights to use, which can be sold repeatedly with a relatively low cost of goods sold resulting in a continual stream of income.
  •   Technological products that are one of the few articles of commerce for which governments provide and sanction monopoly rights for an extended period of time.

Product and Services Development Management


Integration of multidisciplinary expertise in creating new products / services aiming at learning a set of strategies and tools for systematic development of structured products, in an environment of teamwork. It is intended that at the end the student:
• Be able to organize and define the process for developing product / service within the company;
• Be able to define a structured plan of development of product or service;
• Know and be able to use a set of methods and tools for a systematic practice of introducing new and innovative products to meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders and in particular the multiple functional areas of the company in its development and commercial release;
• Align the development of new products  with the company's strategy;
• Develop skills to work in a team;

Skills NCSEE: B21, L1 - L11, L40n the project and lecture attendance).

Marketing Management


This course unit aims to provide the basic conceptual marketing context. It also aims to endow students with skills to make decisions of the main marketing variables, as elements of the global process of organisation management.

Introduction to Accounting and Financial Management

MIET0017 - ECTS This course seeks to equip students with a set of skills that allows them elaborate and interpret the different
financial statements that are produced by the accounting, which are the basis of all economic and financial analysis,
and are part of decision-making process. It is also expected to acquaint students to financial analysis techniques that
enable them to make a company diagnosis based on financial information available.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship


The labour market has suffered profound changes in the last few years, therefore it now calls for professionals who can act with independence, autonomy, flexibility, creativity, commitment and who can collaborate. The strategic aim of this course unit is to spread an entrepreneur culture, by combining a set of technical and social skills, which are aimed to encourage the creation of new entrepreneurship or technological intra-entrepreneurship projects. Thus, this course unit aims to contribute to the development of an entrepreneur attitude and to make students look closely to subjects related to the entrepreneurship process, by training them and giving examples. 

Startup's Strategy


To endow students with fundamental concepts of entrepreneurial Strategy development for the commercialization of a technology-based product/service.

To develop and extend the knowledge (i) on Business Models (BM) and on the relevance of its implementation in the specific reality of each business.(ii) on the reality of setting-up a Startup, understanding the major differences with an established company.

To endow students with the use of previously acquired concepts on financial evaluation of investment projects and on funding a new technology based venture.

To endow students with the capability of:

- Creating and implementing a complete, concise and well founded (i) strategic plan and (ii) BM compatible with the strategy, both adequate for a technology based venture.

- Having an holistic and integrated vision of a business venture, involving all its resources and stakeholders

- Assuming and executing the setting up of a startup based on a Business Plan with adequate financial structure.

Marketing Research


The goal of the course is to familiarize students with the fundamentals of Marketing Research. The students should be able to design, conduct, and analyze a marketing research study, with a view to making better business decisions.

Managing Innovation


This course has as its main objective to disseminate knowledge on Innovation and Innovation Management. This will enable students to start research in the area, and secondly, provide them with the basic tools to analyze the processes of creation and innovation and its implications for management, exploring the ways in which innovation can be fostered in organizations. Students will develop skills to analyze the processes of creation and innovation and its implications for management and to explore ways through which innovation can be fostered in organizations.

Quantitative Methods



This is a compulsory course that aims at exploring the hypotheses testing and multivariate statistical analysis procedures in the production of scientific knowledge and to consolidate skills for the critical evaluation of their potential and limitations

Project for Opportunity identification and Evaluation


Develop a business project opportunity.
Identify technologies with market potential and economic value and provide an initial evaluation of the opportunity.

Business Law

The course unit “Business Law” focuses on the study of the legal mechanisms available for the implementation and development of a business plan adjusted to the reality of enterprises acting in the area of technological innovation.

Finance and Capital Budgeting

MIET0024 - ECTS This course seeks to equip students with a set of skills that allows them elaborate a business plan, project a firm financial statements and interpret the valuation criteria.

Research Methods and Beginning of the Preparation of the Dissertation/Work Project/Internship


To allow students to make use of the knowledge learned (in the first year of the Master programme) in preparing their dissertation plan.

At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

- understand some basic concepts of research and its methodologies,

- identify appropriate research topics and a research problem,

- prepare a project dissertation proposal.

Business Construction Project


Executing a Feasibility Study.

Producing a Business Plan supported by all adequate primary and secondary sources of information.

Producing a business pitch presentation.

Dissertation/Work Project/Internship


What is a Dissertation in Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship?

The topics may cover a broad spectrum based on the central themes of the masters: innovation and entrepreneurship in technology. Issues such as: Innovation policies; Technology-based Entrepreneurship ; Management of innovation (product, process, business and services); Technological benchmarking; Surveillance and technology foresight.

If the dissertation is more technological in nature should not restricted to the technology development. It should be framed in central themes of masters: innovation and entrepreneurship.

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