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Admission for Vocational Training Programmes - 2020/2021

Aviso: There is no definition of competitions open for this type of admission scheme.


For information on who can apply, see the page for each open training course.

Numerus Clausus

See information for each open training course.



See information for each open training course.

Documents Required

The documents required are indicated in the corresponding application process for each course.


Procedure for submission of application

  1. Choose the intended course (Applications).
  2. Select "Apresentar a candidatura" (Submit application). If you are already a student at FEUP, you will have to log in using your student’s username and password. If you are not a student at FEUP, you will be asked to complete a user registration form. The credentials (username and password) will be sent to the email address you specify on that form.
  3. Fill in the application form and attach the requested documents. Please note that fields in red are mandatory.
  4. Submit your application. If an error is detected (e.g. mandatory fields left blank), the system displays an alert message.
    If the information is successfully submitted, you must check all data entered and either confirm or edit the data.
  5. If you have encountered any problems while submitting your application, you must report them to acesso.ingresso@fe.up.pt, during the application submission period or on the working day following the deadline for submission.

Procedure for checking the status of your application

  1. Log into the information system with the username and password that you used in your application;
  2. Click on your name;
  3. In the options that appear on the right hand side of the page, select "Candidaturas de Ingresso" (Applications).


Applicable Legislation

Regulation no. 1059/2020 of 27th November 2020 (2nd Series) (only available in Portuguese) - Amendment to the Regulation for the Creation, Internal accreditation and Credit transfer of continuing training courses of the University of Porto

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