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Online applications

Master in Chemical Engineering (MIEQ)
2019/20 - Change of pair institution/cycle of studies - first curricular year - 1st Phase

certificate and who fulfil the prior qualifications required.
- Students who have been admitted to higher education for holding a vocational senior technician certificate and who fulfil the prior qualifications required.
- International students who have been admitted via Special Applications - International Students and who fulfil the prior qualifications required.

1 – Change of institution/course pairing is the act by which a student enrols and/or registers in an institution/course pairing different from the one(s) in which they were registered in previous academic years.
2 – The change of institution/course pairing can take place regardless of whether there has been an interruption of enrolment and registration in a higher education institution.

Please see information about admission regime at Change of pair institution/cycle of studies.

For technical reasons, it is not advisable to use Hotmail or Yahoo e-mail addresses.


Start date for application submittal: 2018-12-10
Deadline for application submittal: 2019-08-06
Deadline for disclosure of approved applications: 2019-09-04

Information to be provided by the candidate

Information to be provided - Personal data

  • Full Name (Mandatory)
  • Gender (Mandatory)
  • Nationality (Mandatory)
  • Date of birth (Mandatory)
  • Identity Card (Mandatory)
  • Expiration date (Mandatory)
  • Type of address (Residence) (Mandatory)
  • Street (Residence) (Mandatory)
  • Parish (Residence) (Optional)
  • Postal Code (Residence) (Optional)
  • Country (Residence) (Mandatory)
  • Telephone contact (Mandatory)
  • Taxpayer no. (Optional)
  • E-mail (Mandatory)

Information to be provided - Academic and professional data

  • Course you are applying for (Mandatory)
  • Knowledge of languages (Optional)
  • Order of priority of the areas of specialization. (Mandatory)
  • Additional information relevant to the application (Optional)

Information to be provided - Request for accreditation

  • You want to make a request for recognition (Mandatory)

Information to be provided - Scanned documents

  • ID document (Citizen Card / ID Card / Passport) or declaration containing the identification data (Mandatory)
  • Supporting document attesting completion of secondary education, containing the grade of the 10th/12th school year (Higher education application history or ENES file). For foreign qualifications, a certificate of equivalence to Portuguese secondary education, including the final average grade, issued by a national competent authority (Mandatory)
  • Supporting document with the results of the Portuguese national examinations that correspond to the entrance examinations required for the cycle of studies (Higher education application history or ENES file), or supporting document with the results of foreign examinations legally equivalent to Portuguese entrance examinations through the application of Article 20-A of Decree-Law No. 296 -A/98, of 25th September, in its current version (Mandatory)
  • Certificate of the higher education institution listing the curricular units in which you got a passing grade, indicating the regime (semester/year) and the number of credit units/ECTS (Obs: The curricular units indicated in this document must be considered in the credit transfer process.) (Mandatory)
  • Declaration issued by a competent entity attesting that the cycle of studies you have been registered in is set out as higher education in the legislation of the corresponding country (Optional)
  • Certificate/declaration issued by the last higher education institution you registered at, stating that you are not time-barred in the academic year for which the application is being submitted. If you cannot obtain this certificate/declaration by the end of the application deadline, you must issue a declaration of honour to that effect; however, the enrolment will be conditional until you present the certificate (Mandatory)
  • Declaration of honour as you will not complete the cycle of studies before the end of the applications deadline. (Mandatory)
  • Photo (Optional)


Fee: Reingresso ou mudança de instituição/curso (fixed) 55 €

Additional information

Contact for further information

Academic Services
Opening hours:Face-to-face service: 9:30-16:00
Telephone service: 9:30-12:00 and 14:00-16:00

In August:
Face-to-face service:13:00-16:00
Telephone service: 9:30-12:30

From 24 to 31 December the Academic Services are closed.

The face-to-face service of the Academic Services requires the presentation of a service ticket. Currently, tickets are distributed from 9h00 to 15h30.

Telephone:22 508 1977 / 1405
Fax:22 508 14 40

Number of vacancies

Admission Scheme Vacancies
Change of pair institution/cycle of studies - first curricular year 6

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