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Online applications

Doctoral Program in Mining and Geo-Resources Engineering (PDEMGR)
2021/22 - Admission - Doctoral Programme - 3rd Phase

Specific conditions to access the cycle of studies

The following may apply for this cycle of studies:
-Holders of a Master's degree or legal equivalent in the area of Earth Sciences and Technologies, such as Mining Engineering, Geological Eng., Geotechnical Eng., Applied Geology;
-Holders of a Bachelor's degree with a relevant academic or scientific curriculum in this scientific area recognized by the Scientific Committee as attesting to their ability to carry out this cycle of studies;
-Those with an academic, scientific or professional curriculum in this scientific area recognized by the Scientific Committee as attesting to their ability to carry out this cycle of studies.

For technical reasons, it is not advisable to use Hotmail or Yahoo e-mail addresses. All communications with the applicants will be made via the e-mail address indicated in the application.

Please see important information about Admission to Doctoral Programmes, namely regarding deadlines.


Start date for application submittal: 2021-10-28
Deadline for application submittal: 2021-11-24
Deadline for disclosure of approved applications: 2021-12-14

Information to be provided by the candidate

Information to be provided - Personal data

  • Full Name (Mandatory)
  • Gender (Mandatory)
  • Nationality (Mandatory)
  • Date of birth (Mandatory)
  • Identity Card (Mandatory)
  • Expiration date (Mandatory)
  • Type of address (Residence) (Mandatory)
  • Street (Residence) (Mandatory)
  • Parish (Residence) (Optional)
  • Postal Code (Residence) (Optional)
  • Country (Residence) (Mandatory)
  • Telephone contact (Mandatory)
  • Taxpayer no. (Optional)
  • E-mail (Mandatory)

Information to be provided - Academic and professional data

  • Course you are applying for (Mandatory)
  • Knowledge of languages (Optional)
  • Additional information relevant to the application (Optional)

Information to be provided - Request for accreditation

  • You want to make a request for recognition (Optional)

Information to be provided - Scanned documents

  • ID document (Citizen Card / ID Card / Passport) or declaration containing the identification data (Mandatory)
  • Graduation Certificate from a higher education programme (Mandatory)
  • Certificate of the higher education institution listing the curricular units completed, the regime (semester/year) and the number of credit units/ECTS. (Mandatory)
  • Curriculum vitae (Mandatory)
  • Information regarding the supervisor (Optional)
  • Motivation Letter (Mandatory)
  • Recommendation Letters (Optional) (2*)
  • Photo (Optional)


Fee: Segundos e terceiros ciclos (fixed) 55 €

Serialisation criteria

Additional information

Contact for further information

Academic Services
Opening hours:

Academic Services support/opening hours:

Face-to-face service: 11:00-16:00

Phone services: 9:30-12:00 e das 14:00-16:00

Telephone:22 508 1977 / 1405
Fax:22 508 14 40

Number of vacancies

Admission Scheme Vacancies
Admission - Doctoral Programme 1

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