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Centre for Renewable Energy Research

Esta unidade não está activa.
Acronym: CIENER Centre for Renewable Energy Research - Abre numa nova janela
Head: Armando Oliveira

CIENER (Centre for Renewable Energy Research) has been created in 2015 to develop, demonstrate and disseminate innovative renewable energy technologies. INEGI is the main host institution, with UTAD as second participating institution and with the collaborations of IPB and IPP. 

The major objectives of CIENER members are:
- to promote research that significantly adds knowledge and critical understanding to engineering sciences in the fields of renewable energies;
- to support successful translation of ideas, knowledge, skills and technology arising from research into practical applications that benefit the Portuguese economy and society.

CIENER is composed by 4 groups, spanning different renewable energy fields:
- solar energy (thermal and PV systems);
- bioenergy (biomass combustion and gasification);
- wind energy;
- bioclimatic and energy efficient buildings.

CIENER holds scientific and technological expertise concerning the application of different renewable energy sources to:
- heating systems (indoor environment and industrial processes);
- cooling systems (indoor environment and industrial processes), using different cycles such as compression, absorption, adsorption, ejection and desiccants;
- electricity generation systems (centralized or distributed);
- polygeneration systems;
- desalination systems.

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