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Master in Engineering and Industrial Management

The Integrated Master in Industrial Engineering and Management has been awarded the international EUR-ACE quality label. This certifies MIEIG as a high-quality programme which meets the international standards for professional engineering education at the masters level. [+ info]


MIEIG originated from the evolution of LGEI, the Industrial Engineering and Management 5 year full time study programme, in the context of the Bologna requirements. LGEI was created in 1990 at FEUP based on a proposal by Prof. Rui Campos Guimarães.

The Integrated Masters in Industrial Engineering and Management is composed by course units in the area of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanical Engineering, as well as course units related to Management. In many course units, students will have the chance to do individual or group assignments using several computer tools.

In the last few years, students participated in international exchange programmes, mainly in Europe and in Brazil. To complete this Integrated Master, students have either to write a dissertation thesis or take an internship, which take place at a company.

After the completion of this Masters, students will be able to perform activities in several areas, such as: production, distribution, logistics, supplying, maintenance, marketing, information systems or they can choose to be researchers.

Career Opportunities:
Industrial engineers can perform activities in the area of industrial engineering and management by supporting and making decisions in an industrial environment. People who show their leadership skills can also have the chance of becoming executives, which can lead them to highly important functions in a management board. They can also create innovative companies.

They can also choose to be researchers and investigate in different areas, such as: decision process modelling, development of computer systems for production planning and control, analysis of integrated strategies of distribution and marketing or business process engineering.


Horários 2009-2010:

Subjects 2012/2013:

  • 07 Physics and Chemistry
  • 19 Mathematics A

The exams which students have to attend are the following:

Numerus Clausus:70

MIEGI Office:
Tel.: 22 508 2133; 2220413439

General information

Official Code: 9509
Director: Ana Maria Camanho
Assistant Director: Ana Maria Camanho
Acronym: MIEGI
Academic Degree: Master
Type of course/cycle of study: Integrated Master
Start: 2006/2007
End: 2020/2021
Duration: 5 Years

Study Plan


  • Engineering and Industrial Management (300 ECTS credits)
  • Engineering Sciences - Engineering and Industrial Management (180 ECTS credits)

Predominant Scientific Areas

Previous Courses/Cycles of Study

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