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DaSSWeb - Discovering a Taste for the Unusual: Exceptional Models for Preference Mining

November 3rd | 14h30

DaSSWeb, Data Science and Statistics Webinar
Carlos Soares
Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS  & FEUP

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Exceptional preferences mining (EPM) is a crossover between two subfields of data mining: local pattern mining and preference learning. EPM can be seen as a local pattern mining task that finds subsets of observations where some preference relations between labels significantly deviate from the norm. It is a variant of subgroup discovery, with rankings of labels as the target concept. I will present algorithms for EPM and results on a few datasets, including sushi and movie preferences as well as elections. 

Carlos Soares obtained an undergraduate degree (licenciatura) in Systems Engineering and Informatics from U. Minho, Portugal, an M.Sc. degree in Artificial Intelligence and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from U. Porto, Portugal.  After 15 years at the Faculty of Economics, he is now an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of U. Porto, where he holds the positions of Subdirector of the Dep. of Informatics Engineering, Director of the Ph.D. programme on Informatics Engineering and Adjunct Director of the M.Sc. programme on Data Science and Engineering. Carlos also teaches at the Porto Business School, where he is the co-Director of the executive programme on Business Intelligence & Analytics. He is a post-graduation supervisor at the Universidade de São Paulo. Recently, Carlos joined Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS as Innovation Lead and he is a researcher at the Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science (LIACC) and at LIAAD-INESC TEC. The focus of his research is on metalearning/autoML but he has a general interest in Machine Learning/Data Mining, Business Intelligence and Evolutionary Computation. He has participated in 20+ national and international R&ID as well as consulting projects. His collaborations with companies include Feedzai, SMARKIO, Farfetch, InovRetail, WeDo, CreativeSystems, Bivolino, among others. Carlos has published/edited several books and 150+ papers in journals and conferences, (90+/125+ indexed by ISI/Scopus) and supervised 10+/50+ Ph.D./M.Sc. thesis. He has participated in the organization of several events, including some of the most relevant in the world in the areas of data science and machine learning, namely KDD 2009 and ECML PKDD 2012 and he was one of the programme chairs for ECML PKDD 2015 and IDA 2016. In 2009, he was awarded the Scientific Merit and Excellence Award of the Portuguese AI Association.


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