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International Students

Estudantes Internacional

An International Student is a student who does not hold Portuguese nationality nor that of any other European Union member state.

The information about the concept of international student can be found here .

  • International student admissions at FEP

    First Degree programmes

    For international students, admission to one of FEP's First Degree cycles of study is granted through the special admissions contest. International students may apply for admission to a First Degree cycle of study so long as they:

    1. possess qualifications granting them access to higher education, understood to be any diploma or certificate issued by a competent authority attesting to their successful completion of a study programme and conferring them the right to apply to and enrol in higher education in the country in which it was issued;
    2. possess a Portuguese secondary school diploma or legally equivalent qualifications.

    Enrolment conditions for each institution/study cycle pair are published annually and include, specifically and obligatorily:

    1. Verification of the academic qualifications that specifically permit enrolment in the cycle of study;
    2. Verification of knowledge of the language or languages in which the programme will be taught;
    3. Verification that all programme -specific prerequisites have been met according to the general admissions regime.

    Masters and doctoral programmes

    International student enrolment in a FEP masters or doctoral programme is done in a single contest open to both national and international students, the specific conditions of which are published annually in a special notice.

  • International student tuition fees

    International student tuition fees are published annually by order of the Rector. The tuition fees are available here.

    The information presented here does not substitute reading the applicable legislation and regulations in full, namely Decree-Law no. 36/2014, from 10 March and the Regulations on the Application of the International Student Statute of the University of Porto .

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