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Competitiveness Center

The Competitiveness Center is a meeting place for academics, students and practitioners with a common interest in competitiveness and competitiveness related topics. It is designed as place for sharing expertise and experience and produce new and meaningful knowledge through collaborative work.

The Center offers companies and their associations an opportunity to increase their on-campus presence by participating in workshops, seminars and guest lectures, as well as to engage in project sourcing with FEP and its students. For these, the Center offers an opportunity to being challenged with solving reallife problems, being offered internships, and getting a closer view on the challenges real businesses are facing and the implications of competitiveness for both regions and policy design.

Since 2017, the focus of the Competitiveness Center attention is in the furniture industry. Workshops with industry representatives are regularly held at FEP alongside with field-trips with visits to furniture manufacturers.

The Competitiveness Center/FEP is a member of the MOC (Microeconomics of Competitiveness) Affiliate Network.



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